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  1. Amithansda

    [HELP NEEDED]Starting My New Website

    I have a prior experience on ASP.Net aspx page coding, SQL server, MVC 3. I have created a site on my Local machine and tested on LAN. Now, my concern is how can I put my website online? I know I have to buy a domain, may be a shared server space. But I don't have a clear idea. And...
  2. Amithansda

    Intel dp67Bg problem No Boot

    Hi, My config is i5 2400, dp67bg mobo, xms3 1600hz 4GB ram and hd 6870 gfx card. From, yesterday I am having a problem booting it. It doesn't show any display. Motherboard beeps twice and then pause. The again beeps again and then an indefinite pause, and i have to power off the system. F I...
  3. Amithansda

    Reporting a serious issue on my newly bought Lumia 820

    Reporting a serious issue on my newly bought Lumia 820. I had my phone sync with my FB,GMail and Hotmail account. Messenger and People Hub were working perfectly. From yesterday I am unable to chat. In 'Messenger' hub it is not showing my online friends, also can not send a Facebook message...
  4. Amithansda

    Is Developer's License neccessary to make Windows 8 Application?

    Hey, I am C# enthusiastic and looking forward to make some Windows 8 app for my own use. Do I need to have a Developer's License to build a App for my personal usage only. I do not want to publish that in Windows store or anything like that.
  5. Amithansda

    [Help]Harddisk with Messed Up Partitions

    Probably this post will be long...Please bear with patience. I had a dual configuration of Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu 12.04. Windows partitions are C,D,E sized as 470GB,230GB,230GB respectively, and Linux was Installed on a Separate ext3 partition of size 40GB, recently I decided to remove...
  6. Amithansda

    [HELP]Need to Connect Xbox360 to LED monitor

    I have LG 22'' LED monitor (with HDMI ) (e2260) for my PC...and last week I got an old Xbox360 (with standard RCA connector)from my sister. The Xbox is running good, the only issue that worries me, it got no HDMI port!! Problem:How can i connect this xbox360 to my monitor and 2.1 creative...
  7. Amithansda

    [Query] Steel series Service center in Kolkata

    Can anyone help me with contact number of Steelseries support in kolkata? Got some problems with IKARI LASER MOUSE. TIA
  8. Amithansda

    Problem running Ubuntu 11.10 on Radeon 6800HD series

    I have a core i5,Intel DP67BG mainboard,4GB DDR3 machine with Sapphire Radeon 6870HD with windows 7 installed previously. I downloaded this Ubuntu 11.04 and ran it as live CD and seemed to found no problem. But I installed it to make my PC dual booting but after the menu choosing at GRUB...
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