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    Is it possible to install new games on samsung GT-C3200 mobile?

    Hi, I have a Samsung GT-C3200 mobile phone which my 6 yr old kid wants to use for playing games. I had deleted all pre-installed games and so now I want to add couple of racing games. I download few smaller games (upto 150Kb jar file compatible with this model ) but when I try to install I get...
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    I need Tata Photon Plus Windows 7(64bit) EpiValley modem drivers

    I upgraded my laptop OS to Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit version and my first disapointment was tata photon plus not working. My photon device has EpiValley modem whose drivers are not availbel on photon site. I googled but no luck. Does anyone know how to use tata photon plus on windows 7 64...
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    Laptop for software developer with tight budget

    I plan to buy a laptop and following are my needs 1. To be used occasionally since I will be working on desktop, I need laptop for mobility purpose and will be used rarely. 2. I need 15 inch screen 3. Budget is tight, around Rs 22000 4. Processor p6000/i3 will be sufficient ( I...
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    Lenovo ideapad Y510 display card failed

    My lenovo ideapad Y510 display card failed:-( service engineer says motherboard need to be replaced and its not available. Does anyone have idea where can I get its motherboard or any other better option.
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    Indian Freelancer payment options

    Hi, I plan to work as a freelancer for UK company. I will be working on their software project. I just googled and found receiving payments from foreign country is a risky business. RBI/FEMA/POLICE can harass etc. Does anyone have any idea on this? Please express your opinion :!:
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    Happy Ganesh

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    Strange behaviour of two service providers

    Hi, I want to know why does this happen 1. When I try to access from BSNL broadband, browser gives message, site temporarily unavailable, where as at same time if i access same site from reliance, I dont get this problem. This problem is not with all sites, with FEW SITES ONLY...
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    Should I go ahead with hosting?

    Hi guys, I am about to buy web hosting for my development works. I searched this forum but couldnt select any host. My approximate requirements is 1 GB space bandwidth 5GB/MONTH 2.0 with ms sql (must) ,ajax support pop3 email support I found package of QUICK2HOST suitable...
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    Windows 2000,XP,Vista on ONE HARDDISK?

    I have windows 2000 and Windows Vista on my pc, after I install Vista, boot screen shows only two options 1. Older Version of Windows 2. Windows Vista When I select 1. Older Version, Windows 2000 is loaded, I dont find any option to start Windows XP, OS are installed in following order...
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    Uniquely Identify your PC

    Hi, I am working on logic to identify each pc uniquely, so that I can use this logic in Installers. Is there any way by which we can Identify PC like BIOS NO, Hard disk No, CPU No etc. But my doubt is, if we identify using above no, what if guy changes hard disk or CPU? can anyone...
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    New Car Stereo

    I am planning to buy car stereo for my Alto. Pls suggest me some good music system. I need player with mp3 support and loud bass. 10x
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    any difference between Alto std vs Alto LX?

    Hi Is there much difference between Alto Std and Alto LX? Other than AC, is there any difference in technical specifications or comfort level
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    Is it possible to add AC to Alto std model

    Hi guys, Is it possible to add Ac to std model of Alto. If yes, are there any disadvantages of this on performance of vehicle. Is this modification legal?
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    how to ask for pay rise

    a a
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    Confused, require your comments

    Hi I am applying for car loan (<3lac), but unable to select financer I have read review of these financers on net, each one has different problems 1. ICICI - poor service, bad reputation, high rate of interest 2. Sundaram Finance - Could not get much info 3. SBI - needs...
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    Your price

    What should be the selling price of 91 model maruti 800 car, car in good condition, well maintained.
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    My MYSQL account disabled by

    HI I was having my website hosted on for a long time now. From Yesterday onwards they have disabled mysql database in my account. Actually I had notice from them that they will soon disable this feature. I dont understand what strategy should I adopt now to use 110mb but with...
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    Hacked by Godzila

    My PC has virus which shows message "hacked by Godzila" in the title bar of Internet explorer. Besides this, I am unable to open a drive in Windows Explorer. There is file "autorun.inf" in each drive which runs some script and stops opening of folders. I could remove "hack.." message from...
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    Airtel deduction money without any calls

    Hi I have prepaid airtel mobile connection, many times i found, they are debiting my account without any calls Everytime says right now server is down, call after sometime..
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    Collapse of just 2 months old GOA govt.

    This has become routine thing in Goa. Few ministers who are elected from one party , joins other party after election. Are this drawbacks of Democrocy? ...
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