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    Need Indian IP..Help !!

    I am currently out of India and I do really need Indian IP address to complete few online tasks. I am currently using Hide IP Easy (pirated version ofc :( ). But this one is too freaking sloww. Any ideas will be appreciated. VPNs??
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    Advice !!

    I am very much interested in Mobile App Developing. The thing is I don't know much about app developing. Can anybody tell me where shall I begin? Help me out please.
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    Suggestion On HAIRFALL !!

    A friend of mine is suffering from heavy hair fall. He is sick worried and has started to annoy me. He is seeking my advice. Only thing I'm good at is sitting in front of my PC and surfing web. Help me out please.
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    I can't sleep..Need HELP !!

    Its 2.30 am and I can't sleep. This happens all the time. Every Night. What shall I do. Please help !! PS: Don't refer me a Doctor!!
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    Klout Help!!

    How do I get Google+ share on overall klout score?? Mine is 0% currently. Anything?? Somebody reply me :D.
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    Need Advice !!

    I am from Delhi and looking for directaccess appliance. I did a lot of research on web. I found a review by celestix networks. I am looking for something like that. I want to know a good place to get that. Help me out please.
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