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  1. ramprasad

    Broadband and Wireless router help

    Hi, I have Tikona broadband via ethernet cable. I have plugged it into Dlink Wireless Modem Router - DSL 2730U I have enabled DHCP and set the DNS manually in the router. I connect my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) to the internet using WiFi thrrough the same router. There is no problem...
  2. ramprasad

    Ubuntu on HP laptop

    Hi I have a HP laptop with Vista Home Basic (OEM). I want to install with Ubuntu and Vista and make it as a dual boot machine Is it possible? If yes, can anybody outline the steps.? How to configure the boot loader in this case?
  3. ramprasad

    Firefox problem

    Hi, I have IE8 and FF3.6 running on a HP laptop with Vista(SP1). I need to access an ip in the range 172.16.*.*: port/page.php I can access it in IE8 without any problems. But, I am not able to access it in FF3.6 Can anyone help me with a solution ? Regards Ramprasad
  4. ramprasad

    DDR vs DDR2 vs DDR3

    Hi Can anyone point me to a right source when I can compare the features and the following parameters of DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 RAM..? Data Bus Data Rate Bus Frequency DRAM Frequency Voltage Prefetch Size Write Latency
  5. ramprasad

    LAN Cable and Wireless Router

    Hi I have internet connection in a LAN Cable and a WiFi enabled laptop. Can anyone tell me as how to access the internet thru WiFi.? I do not prefer to access it just connecting in the LAN port, because I want mobility. Thanks
  6. ramprasad

    Windows Vista Home Basic DVD

    Hi, I had just bought a HP laptop with preloaded Windows Vista Home Basic. I didnt not get a Recovery DVD or original DVD. I had paid for the licence of Vista. From where can I download Vista Home Basic SP1 and have it as a backup.
  7. ramprasad

    MP3 ringtone on SE-G502

    Hi, Is anyone having a SE-G502.? I am planning to buy over the weekend. Saw in SE website that it does not support MP3 ringtones and Video recording. In other mobile review websites like, etc... they say it is possible.. Can anyone having G502 clarify...?
  8. ramprasad

    TV Tuner and HD Audio

    Hi, I have a Mercury Ez View, internal TV Tuner Card. I had installed it on an old AMD Sempron machine and everything was fine. Now I had put it on an Intel Core 2 Duo, machine with the motherboard that has HD Audio. I run Win XP, SP2. If I record any TV programs, the video quality...
  9. ramprasad

    Suggestion for college project

    Hi, My brother is doing his final year Bsc Computer Science. I am looking for a suitable project title for him. I want him to use a database and do something. But, I am confused whether to go ahead with Java or .NET. Also, I need some idea, so as what to implement. I had...
  10. ramprasad

    DVD Not readable

    Hi, I wrote few GBs of pics from my friend's laptop (HP-I dont know the model) to a Verbatim DVD+R using Nero as a data disc. It completed the burning without any problems. When I re-inserted the DVD back in the same system, Windows XP said that the format is not supported and cannot...
  11. ramprasad

    Windows dislikes HDD > 132GB

    hi, I have 2 Seagate HDD (Baraccuda). Primary one is 80GB and has OS installed onto it. Second one is 300GB. It is the 2nd drive that Windows XP SP2, recognises as 132GB and rest has vanished. Can anyone help me to recover and use the remaining space also.?
  12. ramprasad

    ISO file on a DVD

    Hi, I have a ISO file of a Bootable CD. Can I edit it and add many other data, so as to make it 3GB.? And write it on to a DVD...? Will the DVD also be a bootable one or not...? Any help wud be appreciated....!
  13. ramprasad

    Need Freeware Encryption program

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me an Encryption program - Freeware...? It shud be capable of making a Self extracting exe with no llimitations. Finecrypt has a limitation of 5 files only.(free version) I googled, but no fruitful destinations reached. Any help wud be appreciated.
  14. ramprasad

    Problem with View in My Computer

    Hi, When I click on My Computer icon, I get a list of all drives and et all, as usual on the screen. Butthe problem is, It shows as if the 'Folders' option is always enabled. I mean to say that there is a pane on to the left showing the same components of My COmputer in a tree style...
  15. ramprasad

    Java script error

    Hi, When I browse some sites, I get a "Internet Explorer Sript error".. I tried the option : Tools ---> Internet Options ---> Advance Disable Script debugging (cheked) Display a notification about every error (unchecked). But still I get these kind of errors.. Any help wud...
  16. ramprasad

    DVD Subtitles not appearing

    Hi, I have a DVD copied to my hard disk. If I use Power DVD to play the DVD from the DVD drive, I am able to select the subtitles and see them, whereas if I open the files from my hard disk, I am not able to select the subtitles or see them... Any help wud be appreciated....
  17. ramprasad

    Autorun not working

    Hi I have written a CD with a HTML page as index. I made an autorun file and made the HTML page to be invoked. Alas, the page is not diaplyed when the CD is inserted. The Autorun feature is enabled on Windows. Any help wud be appreciated
  18. ramprasad

    Nero Burning ROM and LG CD RW

    Hi, I have a LG CD RW. It had come with Nero Express 6. I recently installed Nero Burning ROM from DIGIT DVD. I was able to write few CDs. Then Nero stopped recognising the drive. If I insert a blank CD, and check for disk info, then it says "No disk inserted" or similar kind...
  19. ramprasad

    Oracle 8i, VFP and Dual Core Processors

    Hi, I have a licenced version of Oracle 8i v.8.1.6. as backend and Visual Foxpro 6 as front end. I am planning to go for an Intel dual core based CPU as server and a similar machine as client. Will any compatibility issues arise...? Expecting ur opiniions....!
  20. ramprasad

    Folder permissions

    Hi, I have a folder named PRASAD in my d:. I also have another folder called DATA inside that folder. I have given read only access to PRASAD adn set it to all subfolders. So even if I remove that restrcition now on PRASAD, the folder DATA still says it is READ ONLY. I have also tried to...
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