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  1. Batistabomb

    Suggest me a Gift ?

    Guys my brother wants to gift something to his newly married wife, she is presently 7 months carrying,so what should i suggest to my brother to gift ? he was thought of gifting dress,but it is routine,so can u guys suggest something,so that i tell my brother to gift
  2. Batistabomb

    Gmail Help ?

    Guys when sending messages to group of our friends in gmail,yahoo mail or anything,all of them see the reciepents each other ,so is there any thing like ,no one sees the other reciepents except sender and reciever here ?
  3. Batistabomb

    Batista To Mumbai on 17th and 18th

    Guys the animal Dave Batista is coming to India, Mumbai and Delhi in a way to WWE Promotional event, he would be also visiting some children's hospital it seems, so you guys from Mumbai will see him
  4. Batistabomb

    Top Indian Box-office Grossers, Only SRK has done it, Now is it Akshay ?

    Guys here are the top evergreen grossers in INDIA Bollywood, SRK ruled the bollywood and also he was the master at overseas no one reached him at overseas, is now akshay's turn ? will he overcome Srk's all time records ? can he show his earnings at Overseas ? what was SRK's Rab Ne Bana De Jodi...
  5. Batistabomb

    Happy Birthday sebasteen , cancer10 , kojiro , xbonez

    Have a nice day guys, happy birthday
  6. Batistabomb

    Mouse and keyboard not working ?

    guys, i had a small problem with my system, recently i installed win xp genuine licensed version, after installing keyboard and mouse are working fine for 5 min of system startup, but later they stops responding, not moving or anything on the screen just hanging on, what's the problem might be...
  7. Batistabomb

    Is this possible ?

    Guys can we make LAN e-mails i.e; company e-mails to be connected in our home, say if we want to connect in our house , is it possible , if so any means of software used here ?
  8. Batistabomb

    Which Linus is most popular to take on ?

    Guys presently iam a windows system administrator, iam planning to take some linux courses to work under linux as a linux admin, so which linux version should i take on an presently which is on more demand
  9. Batistabomb

    how to recover data from a afaulty hard disk

    Guys my hard disk is burnt, i may suspect the IC was lost, is there any way to recover the data from it ?
  10. Batistabomb

    What do you want in Matrix 4 ?

    Guys if there is any sequel to the earlier Matrix Revolutions, what do you think the movie story might be ?
  11. Batistabomb

    Post all your Networking Related Queries here

    Post all your Networking Related Discussions,Queries here Guys we had no any seperate thread for NETWORKING, as a Networker having CCNA iam going to start this thread,where everyone of us having knowledge of Networking (wired / wireless) can answer to the problems of Computer's LAN / WAN...
  12. Batistabomb

    Can i wait for it ?

    Guys i think you remember my post about 2 months ago, i was selected for HP and HCL, and what should i choose among ? But now iam getting vexed about those guys, HP guys are delaying my offer, they have taken telephonic round and said HR will contacts if you shortlisted, they sent employment...
  13. Batistabomb

    userinit.exe deleted please help

    Guys i mistakenly deleted userinit.exe , a user login entry from regedit, now my system whenever clicking the username and password, coming back again to display screen saying ,system is log-off login again,so to re-enter this entry in regedit i tried to go to safe mode and recovery console,but...
  14. Batistabomb

    How to make this mobile to work ?

    Guys one of my friend bought a mobile phone made in Korea and it's model is LG 3470 , but the phone is not working i.e; even thouh i kept a local Airtel SIM , mobile screen displaying a error msg sying "Insert SIM Card", so now can you please tell wht should he do to make his mobile work in...
  15. Batistabomb

    Help this guy CA50

    He can`t post any thing in this forum, nor can't start any thread. all this happened after he had updated new avtar it seems , or did he posted any illegal content against forum rules, help him chooto,pathiks,infrared-dude,vishal-gupta,ravi e.t.c if possible;
  16. Batistabomb

    Best Indian Actor

    What's your choice among these : 1. Amitabh 2. Rajnikanth 3. Kamal Hasan 4. Chiranjeevi 5. Mammotti 6. Mohan Lal 7. Sharukh 8. Salman 9. Amir Khan 10. Mahesh Babu(telugu) 12. Vikram (Tamil) 13. Vijay (Tamil) 14. Hritik 15. Akshay Kumar 16. Ajay Devgan 17. Raj Pal Yadav 19...
  17. Batistabomb

    What's the difference between XBOX and PSP

    Guys these both are for gaming, then where we can find the difference among them
  18. Batistabomb

    MOTO RAZR V3 query

    Guys i had a small query for this moto razr v3 model hand set, my panel looks old with silver look , i want to change this panel to some other ,so when i took to the nearest shop he said changing this mo0del panel will cause your phone to dead completely, because there will be a small IC in...
  19. Batistabomb

    How to log off, restart and shutdown, connected computer from one location?

    Windows XP has a built-in feature (shutdown tools) that is used to shutdown any connected computers from any one computer. Using this feature, you can log off, restart and shutdown any computer in your network. This tip is very useful for you, if you are a Network Administrator at your company...
  20. Batistabomb

    How to know the mobile model number ?

    Guys iam using a motorola old model phone, but i don't know the exact model no. it's belongs to, so i heared there is some short cut keys in nokia for viewing the model of phone, is there any such for motorola ?
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