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  1. abhishekkulkarni

    Suggestions - Which speaker set to buy within 5K.

    I want to purchase some speakers for my desktop. Can you please suggest which are the best ones in a budget of 5K?
  2. abhishekkulkarni

    A problem with the Nokia 5700

    I've bought a Nokia 5700 a few days ago. The moment I got the phone I began fiddling with its features. The phone is awesome and beats the entire N series hands down when it comes to value for money, but there's a small problem - whenever I try to install any .sis Symbian application through...
  3. abhishekkulkarni

    How do you find this HP Laptop ?

    My main requirement in choosing this notebook was that I should be able to use Win Vista with Aero and Flip 3D enabled, on it. What do you think ? Is it worth the price ( 69K ) ? Are there any better laptops which willl fit in to my budget of 70K ? Config HP Pavilion dv6137TX -...
  4. abhishekkulkarni

    Should I go for this Sony DVD Burner ... ?

    I was following all the lively discussion in the thread " Whether to upgrade to a DVD-Writer"...... But people have given varied reactions & nobody has discussed the qualitative performance of the drives ... :) So posting this as a seperate thread... :wink: I am going in for a DVD...
  5. abhishekkulkarni

    A Disgusting Problem .......

    Hey guys I do not mean to classify users as "Advanced" on the basis of their post count but on the basis of their knowledge.Hope I did not hurt anybody's feelings. :wink: This is an extremely disgusting problem.And the reason is that I am beginning to lose faith in the ever stable Linux...
  6. abhishekkulkarni

    ( Tips n' Tricks ) Reducing Data Transfer while Surfing

    This Tutorial is for all BSNL DataOne Home Plan users who are tensed due to the unjustifiable 'Data Transfer Cap' concept which is supposed to be brought in to effect soon. :) In fact I began thinking of ways & means of reducing Data Transfer while you surf as a result of bickering friends...
  7. abhishekkulkarni

    Matrix Style Cyber Effect ( Photoshop Tutorial )

    This is a simple effect, but one that I really enjoyed doing because I think it looks very good for how easy it is. So here goes. Open up a new image.Use the size 200 x 200, then make the background white, and make the colors black and white (a shortcut to do this is just to press "D" on...
  8. abhishekkulkarni

    Creating Fedora Core 1 Bootable CD

    I loved the tutorial given by aadipa on creating a Win XP Bootable CD using nLite. But guys I have all the CD'S of Fedora Core 1 just that they are not bootable. :cry: This happened bcoz my computerwalla ( f**k him anyway :lol: :lol: ) copied the files from the original cd's on to the...
  9. abhishekkulkarni

    How to resize an Image

    Guys I know this might sound very foolish but do help me. Suppose I have an I mage whose size is 1024 / 768 and I want to reduce it to 80 / 80 pixels so as to use it as an Avtaar . How can I do that . ( With the following tools only though . ) Adobe Photoshop 7.0 . ImageReady 7.0.
  10. abhishekkulkarni

    Installing .PFM Fonts in Windows 98

    Hey guys I have 4 Fonts whose files have the Extensions as .PFM and not .TTF . They are recognised easily in Win XP but not in Win 98. :cry: Please suggest some ways of using the Fonts in Win 98.
  11. abhishekkulkarni

    Severed Hand ( Photoshop Tutorial )

    Source : Note : If seeing Blood and Gore makes you feel sick then please do not read ahead 1. Take a photo (or scan it) of your hand. 2. Extract it from the background 3. Give it a "nice" random cut. 4. Make it look lifeless...
  12. abhishekkulkarni

    Linux Problem

    Hi guys, My comp is an Intel P IV 2.0GHz and I had win 98 and win xp pro as the two windows op systems along with Mandrake Linux 9.1.Howvever I had to reinstall XP Pro again coz it crashed .But know what has happened is that LILO has been replaced by XP's bootloader and I do not have the...
  13. abhishekkulkarni

    Linux - Oh god Help me

    Does any body out there know how to load the Wine emulator when it is installed.I want to use Nero in Linux.My Linux is Mandrake 9.1.
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