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  1. warfreak

    Prices gone up?

    Can you provide the source of reseller charging so much? I don't see prices shoot that much here in Mumbai.
  2. warfreak

    Prices gone up?

  3. warfreak

    GPU NEWS Channel

    Highly unlikely. Unless AMD offers groundbreaking performance on Vega, the high end price range most probably will not see a major shift in price apart from 5-7k price drop. 1080 will continue to retail >50K for atleast a year(Based on current trends)
  4. warfreak

    Liquid cooling on gtx 1080 founder edition

    - You need to buy GPU water blocks (Very expensive) - Yeah, You have to remove the shroud which would basically void warranty. If you want custom water cooling, buy the zotac one which has waterblocks preinstalled. You have to run the pipes through the blocks and also need to purchase the...
  5. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Yeah, the launcher sucks. They intend to deliver their products in their own platform. Its a shame since releasing it on Steam could lead to more players for their game and more indie developers for their engine. But they choose to rather not share royalties with others.
  6. warfreak

    Bottleneck or FPS problem

    Good to know your problem got resolved :) That's what they all say. ;)
  7. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Shoot a mail to with your query. Mention that you have a launcher issue.
  8. warfreak

    Bottleneck or FPS problem

    GTA 5 is very CPU intensive and it is expected to perform worse on SandyBridge/IvyBridge CPUs especially dual core i5s. You have a considerable bottleneck if you are using a GTX 1070 with an i5 2500k. This could be alleviated by overclocking the CPU. An i5 sandybridge overclocked could go toe...
  9. warfreak

    Gears of War 4

    Nice game so far. Getting solid 60fps on 1440p@Ultra-High on GTX 1070.
  10. warfreak

    Cheapest 24" Monitor with more than 100Hz refresh rate
  11. warfreak

    Need advice buying Gamepad !

    It works for both windows and Xbox. No driver needed, no customizations needed. Most modern titles work out of the box without the need to do tweaking. Edit: I meant to say no special driver needed. Of course all hardware require drivers to work. But you don't need to download anything...
  12. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    The Shock combo is heavily OP'ed in the latest release. Although it is more difficult to pull off a Combo making it relatively more balanced. Both primary and alt-fire modes of the Stinger feel little nerfed compared to older UTs. It is much more effective to concentrate fire on one target...
  13. warfreak

    Gears of War 4

    How is this going to work. Is it only for new GTX 1070 owners or also those who purchased in the recent past? I remember I purchased a graphics card a few days before the Batman Arkham knight bundle offer started. But after getting in touch with a Nvidia rep, they gave me a free copy anyway...
  14. warfreak

    GTA V- The Big Score glitch and save game folder

    Its in. %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\<RandomNumber> All manual and auto saves are there.
  15. warfreak

    BioShock: The Collection Remaster

    Even more ironic is I purchased the original discs of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and have misplaced the disks so I can't reclaim them. Had to buy the games again. :(
  16. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    It doesn't have a release date yet and given its development model, it may never will. But, it could be downloaded in its current state at the link given in OP and has some 8 complete maps and more empty shell maps. It even has a "sort-of" singleplayer ladder like the previous games where you...
  17. warfreak

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    First game I pre-ordered and it gets delayed. FML. :(
  18. warfreak

    AMD Vega GPU to launch in March 2017

    It's like they actively want nVidia to whoop their a@@!
  19. warfreak

    Nvidia GeForce Experience Update Error

    IDK I got the prompt and it installed properly. The UI is definitely faster than the old one. However, there are some random crashes happening for me. Already contacted support for help. So far they got nothing. Hopefully, next update will fix my issues.
  20. warfreak

    Nvidia GeForce Experience Update Error

    Seems to be right. Geforce Experience is the control panel that you are talking about. - - - Updated - - - It prompts for upgrading to GE 3.0 when you are on GE 2.0. But I wouldn't recommend upgrading to the new GE 3.0. Some games seems to be crashing when the shadow play overlay is...
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