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    Username/Invite Based Messenger

    Hi everyone Looking for suggestions for an instant messaging app which has the following features, in order of priority: - Invite basis adding of contacts (not add all contacts through phonebook like Whatsapp but through username or pin like BBM) - Voice calling - Simultaneous multi platform...
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    Old Phone Unlock Problem - Sony Ericsson W350a

    Hi guys Its funny, finding info about old phones is so hard these days, all forums and support sites etc are only for smartphones! If anybody can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. I have a Sony Ericsson W350a bought through AT&T in USA. I moved back to India and got it unlocked...
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    Wi-Fi over a large area

    Hi Does anyone know a cost-effective method to set up a wi-fi network across a large area (around 1.25 acres) that includes both indoors and outdoors areas as well as multiple floors and a basement? The internet connection comes from a radio antenna in the form of an ethernet cable which...
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    weird virus kinda thing

    hey pls help me out sum weird stuff is happenin on my pc since morning....dese mails r getting sent n blocked by symantec...and i dont use ne mail client its not evn sending to mails on my conctac or nething, ive not hrd of these email addresses and the subjects r weird things like...
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    filename banned characters in windows

    hey dz nebody know why these characters: \ / : * ? " < > | are not allowed to be used in filenames in win? wats diff about them ?
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    hathway cable net software

    hi i just got a hathway connection (in delhi)and my cable guy requires me to use this software...CYBER ROAM CLIENT where im sposta login everytime i wanna use d net it has a max time of 12 hrs after wich it auto logs off is there ne way sum1 knows that i can use the net without logging...
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    patching tcpip.sys for faster torrents

    hi they say patching ur tcpip.sys can result in a huge increase in torrent speeds..if u change the number of connections windows allows or something from 10 to anything upto 100...but more than 100 will be harmful thats what ppl r saying on other sites n all the tool for this patch is...
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    wap browsers on pc

    hi does anybody kno of COLOUR wap browsers for the pc? preferable freeware.. i found WinWap and Klondike Wap Browser but these are kinda old and are only black and white wap, not colour.. thanks
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    coca cola commercials...streaming

    hi on the coke site....they got their commercials... now these are streaming, and most are .flv not they dont open in WMP n all, they open in a flash player on a popup so how do i save them? i tried viewing the source..its pretty...
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    s700i memory stick limitation?

    hi i hav a p900 and it only supports a max of a 128mb mem stick...i wanna buy a mem stick for the s700i does it have a limitation too? whats the max i can buy for the s700i and approx prices also if u kno.. thanks
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    digital camera as webcam?

    hi i got a CANON DIGITAL IXUS i....ne1 kno if it can it b used as a webcam? how? thx
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    cool spy site

    wat dya guys think about dis site? is dis stuff real or its bullsht?
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    dvd regions

    hii jus got loads of DVDs from diff countries n i tried using them on my laptop but ive already changed the region number of my drive 5 times so im stuck on region 3 whereas these DVDs need other regions i tried 2 use DVDRegion Free but it didnt work prperly only audio came no video does...
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    net telephony for STD

    hi doesn any1 no of a free or very cheap service to call from PC to phone WITHIN not asking about india to abroad specifically, delhi to gujrat and delhi to mumbai thanks
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    1gb zip file

    hi quite sumtime ago i read on sum site (god knows wich one), that u rite sum specif stuff in notepad...jus a line or 2...n den save it as zip and this will make the file 1gb...jus for trying out stuff n all was dis tru? if it was, dz ne1 no wat 2 rite? i googled n got nothing
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    ps2 modchip

    hi i got a PAL Version 7 PS2 (SCPH-39004)...and i have a MAGIC 3 modchip which is not installed yet. My friend jus gave me an NTSC game 2 play so i thot ill get the modchip installed, but the shopkeepr dude (Playstaion Point, Ghittorney, Delhi) told me that once the chip is installed, ill...
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    WMP burn to image

    is there a way to burn music thru WMP to an image file like iso or sumthing? im only askin about burning thru WMP not nething else thx
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    windows live messenger

    hi Digit included windows live messenger, but first of all, its outdated soon as u install u gotta update it wich takes time dependin on ur net connection. then after all dis hassle of installin, rebooting, etc...try 2 sign in and it says "The passport ID used to sign in is...
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    Direct To Home

    hey dz anyone know if there is a DTH service which has all the channels which v get currently? and more i guess ? like i dont want a dish which gets my only ZEE channels and a couple of others but not STAR or just STAR and not SONY, etc is there something which has all of the channels...
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    removing vocals from audio

    hi wat according to you is the best FREEWARE software for removing vocals from audio files? i tried a few from google but they dont do such a good job if possible, im looking for totally removing vocals...not even a faint sound should be dere...just the instruments..
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