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  1. gagan007

    PC Restart - No Overheating

    Hi- I am facing a strange issue ever since I have purchased a new PC (well not exactly after that but after installing VMWare). The specifications of my PC are as follows: What I have done till now is: Removed graphics card and run PC. It restarts again and again. Removed and fit both RAM...
  2. gagan007

    SharePoint Development-Casual Gaming

    Hi Folks, I have read similar threads and buying advice thread by Jas but was still confused so creating a new thread to get help from you guys, here goes the questionnaire: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not...
  3. gagan007

    Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Passes Away

    Legendary cricketer and former Indian captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who was admitted to a prominent city hospital last month following lung infection, passed away on Thursday. Pataudi had been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where a team of doctors...
  4. gagan007

    Sub-Domain using Virtual Directory

    I have a hosting account at Arvixe, obviously Windows hosting. While signing up, I didn't know (as there was no way of knowing it) that they have a limitation of 6 websites (even this was ok) but each sub-domain also counts as a website. I am hosting 3 sites of my own (2 top level domains and...
  5. gagan007

    Graphics Card Cooler

    The stock cooler on my graphics card died yesterday due to overheating. A lot of dust was also involved which made it to malfunction. Maybe it stopped working due to which graphics card stopped working and PC was shutdown. Anyway that's done. Now I need a new cooler for the card and need your...
  6. gagan007

    New Android Market Launched (You Can Have It Too!)

    Full Article Personal Opinion: We have amazon, ebay and Netflix and Flipkart for this. Why are they trying to poke into each sector? If you want to install this version before official rollout, download from here. Mediafire Just make sure you have "Unknown Sources" box checked under...
  7. gagan007

    Suggestion Required : Android in 25K Range

    Looks like Android bug has bitten most of my friends. Two of them purchased HTC Desire HD, one went for Nexus S and I have Samsung Galaxy SL. One of my friend is ready to shell around 25K (+4K, if really worth it) for an Android handset. His only requirement is that if he is shelling out so...
  8. gagan007

    PlayStation Accounts Hacked

    Source I know this news has become kind of old (though announced today itself), but couldn't find a thread for it so...
  9. gagan007

    Official IPL 2011 Discussion Thread

    I know, we are all tired after just concluded super-exciting ICC Cricket World Cup and maybe there is no enthusiasm left in us to watch anymore cricket but its here anyways. The IPL 2011, sponsors of which claim that it will keep India shut down during whole season. :) So time to get over the...
  10. gagan007

    BloomBox - Does It Have Any Future??

    I have been following the invent of the BloomBox ever since it became in public light around a year ago. It was promising then and everyone believed in its potential to bring about the drastic change in the current energy scenario. Millions of dollars have been invested by many venture...
  11. gagan007

    IE6 Countdown

    It is not a hidden fact that IE6 is maybe the worst browser ever. It didn't have the functionalities that other browsers of the same era provided. It had many security vulnerabilities that even developers at Microsoft got tired of patching. It was slower than the slowest and buggier than the...
  12. gagan007

    Sound Problem with Media Player Classic

    Media Player Classic which comes bundled along with K-Lite media codecs used to be my favorite player. But after one latest upgrade it has started behaving rather annoyingly. If any kind of movie/clip/video file is played (wait I have checked only divx (avi), mkv and mpg files only, I need to...
  13. gagan007

    CDMA Handset Suggestion Required

    Mobile Number Portability is here. I want to change my service provider from Vodafone to Reliance. I want to keep this number as I am using it for past 6 years. As I am heavy texter, so Reliance's 1ps/sms plan is really superb for me, plus they charge all outgoings on roaming@ 50ps/min. It is no...
  14. gagan007

    Intex To Launch Rs. 5500 Android Phone

    Move over HTCs and Samsungs. If you want to experience Android at a price that doesn't burn your whole wardrobe, Intex is here to help you. To counter cheap Android phones launched by Micromax, Intex has announced that it will launch 5500 worth Android operating handsets during first week of...
  15. gagan007

    MObile under 10K .... with GPS

    Reported Post by gagan007 gagan007 has reported a post. Reason: Post: UC Browser 7.4: keep mobile browsing beautiful Forum: Mobile Monsters Assigned Moderators: N/A Posted by: Ajtdmw1 Original Content:
  16. gagan007

    Basic PC for 15K

    Hi Guys, I have gone through other similar threads in this section which mentioned PC for 12K and 18K but they didn't help as the guy with 12K budget finally purchased config for 24K and the other thread did not have whole configuration. So my friend is looking for this: Anyways it goes...
  17. gagan007

    Android Wallpaper App that Steals Your Data Was Downloaded by Millions

    The app in question came from Jackeey Wallpaper, and it was uploaded to the Android Market, where users can download it and use it to decorate their phones that run the Google Android operating system. It includes branded wallpapers from My Little Pony and Star Wars, to name just a couple...
  18. gagan007

    Epic Browser - For India - Powered by Mozilla

    I just got to know about Epic web browser. It is written in the about page: It is said to have in built anti-virus and lots of other features... Lets try it.
  19. gagan007

    Nokia Moves N-Series to Linux, Kicks Symbian

    World's Largest Smartphone manufacturer Nokia Oyj has announced that its flagship line, N-series, will use Linux MeeGo operating system. Nokia N8 will be the last N-series handset to have Symbian OS according to the source. I personally think this is a wise decision keeping in mind that...
  20. gagan007

    Send Free SMS Using GPRS

    Hi Guys, I have searched for the same topic in this forum but found link to mig33 only. Which is actually not free to use. I have been using Mobile Rediff for over a year now and it helps me sending unlimited sms to any Indian mobile number free of cost (offcourse you have to pay up for the...
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