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  1. red dragon

    Any TE member here?

    Hi, it was difficult to join this forum. Had to use a vpn and manually select India as location. Just need to know one thing...anyone here knows the email ID/ contact number of Crazy Eddie...the super mod @ TE. He accused me of fraud and banned me from TE ( after I refused to share a closed...
  2. red dragon

    Cheapest possible GSM mobile with good battery

    Hi friends, Please suggest me something according to the thread title. 1.Do not need a.Camera b.GPRS c.dual SIM 2.Need a.something with best possible battery b.preferably expandable memory and a basic music player. c.Must have one year warranty. Budget-As less as...
  3. red dragon

    A lightweight workhorse.

    So after trolling for about a month in this section of the forum,I sincerely need your help to buy a light weight but sufficiently powerful windows laptop(I have a Dell latitude from office,but it is pretty heavy.So my very good employer has given me a budget of 65-70k for a windows machine)...
  4. red dragon

    Is it worth buying the macbook

    I am planning to buy a laptop.Requirements are basic like web browsing,photoshop,ms office,some music and movies but no gaming.The most important thing is stability. I will be travelling a lot specially to remote villages in eastern and north eastern states and there wont be any service stations...
  5. red dragon

    IEM-the hunt has ended

    Well,my hunt for a decent iem has ended today after 3 months.TE forum members helped a lot.I was torn between TF10 and IE8,and finally bought IE8 after auditioning both.The 100 hr burnt IE8 sounded marginally better TF10 to my ears.
  6. red dragon

    Time for android

    I am planning to buy an android mobile,currently using HD2,please suggest a suitable upgrade,budget 25k +/- 2k.
  7. red dragon

    Suggest me an IEM within 5k

    Please suggest me a good IEM within 5k,currently using Sony MDR EX 57,which is okay at best,need something better.I am not really a bass head,but a clear bass is required.Thought of fiio e5 and pl 50 combo,but pl 50 has low impedence and it`s sensitivity is on the higher side to be used with an...
  8. red dragon

    cowon v5

    Can anyone from kolkata tell me where can I find COWON V5 in kolkata?Approx. price also.
  9. red dragon

    iphone vs htc hd2

    I am having this serious dilemma for sometime now,no one could give me a convincing answer. Finally I have saved some money to buy a new phone(bye bye nokia 5800) Which one of the following is a better option? a.iphone 3g 16 GB,not 3gs(beyond my budget) HD2 Mostly needed for...
  10. red dragon

    wireless router

    Friends,I want to buy a wireless router to create a home wireless network,i have one desktop which will be wired,one laptop and one phone with wifi,my isp is the local cable operator who provides connection through cable modem (rj45 jack)so i basically need a router with a rj45 in and out...
  11. red dragon


    This is the second time i am asking this,first time didnt get any reply,probably posted in wrong section. I have a hp dv6 2005ax with win7 home premium,it is giving me a strange problem,the ethernet port/lan port is working intermittently,when the lappy boots up the green light blinks...
  12. red dragon

    personal video player

    Hello,this is my first post in this forum,please suggest me a pvp within 10k,should have a screen larger than 2.4,at least 4 GB of storage.
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