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  1. shyamalpandya

    24Online client automatically opens a homepage

    hey guys, here is your RESULT !!! go to RUN > type Regedit > Press Enter > Navigate to this Registry : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eLitecore\Cyberoam\24Online\Authintication Client\Preferences there will be lots of settings for registry. pls dnt even touch any of them Double Click...
  2. shyamalpandya

    how to RAM and Processor overclocking

    hi friends..... i have one RAM module, 233 Mhz, 256 MB is its config. My PC Config is : P4 1.8Ghz 256KB L2 cache, INTEL 845GLV Chipset on INTEL Motherboard. i think its enough. I wanna increase speed of RAM and Processor safely. how to do it? pls help me out.
  3. shyamalpandya

    unknown process named wowexec.exe slows down System !!!

    hi friends, anytime a process named wowexec.exe starts in my system, i have Win XP srvice pack 2 edition. it slows down my system very much. what is it? if a virus, which software can remove it? is there any site which show the process names and its complete importance and information?
  4. shyamalpandya

    Writting 6 DAT movie files on DVD to watch on Player

    hi friends, all u know in bazaar, pirated movie DVDs avilable for around 50 to 100 rupees , which contains Maximum 4 movies which are in .VOB format. now, i have a DVD player on which i want to watch movies which i want to write on my own DVDs. i have lots of VCDs, they have .DAT files as...
  5. shyamalpandya

    Connect PC to Laptop by USB Ports

    HI Friends, I have a PC of P-IV Processor and a Zenith Laptop. I wanna make network of both by connecting them by USB Cables. is it possible? if yes, then how and what tools i need for that and how much speed it can provide for data transfer? and if NO, what should i do to connect them...
  6. shyamalpandya

    A Brake for GOOGLE !!!!!

    Hey friends, I don't have any problem but have a good idea to make the GREAT SERVER OF GOOGLE - MADE !!!! Yea, really, u can do it. Just type a dot in the search bar i mean to type " . " ok? and then let the server search the thing..........................ENJOY THE SCREEN U"LL NEVER SEE ON...
  7. shyamalpandya

    Access internet with PC using mobile

    I have a PC and want to purchase a mobile phone through which i can access Internet using mobile as a modem. Is there any facility provided by ANY MOBILE PHONE? Any mobile service provides such accessibility like HUTCH, IDEA, AIRTEL or any other in GUJARAT? Pls tell me all the procedure for...
  8. shyamalpandya

    Internet Explorer ERROR

    I have a serious problem here in my Internet Explorer 6.0, I use WinXP When i click on "open in new window" in RIGHT CLICK MENU, new window does not open. IE does not respond anything for that. THats why I can't use lots of sites which has links which opens in a new window. I don't know the...
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