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  1. sagardani

    Help configuring torrent client...

    I want to configure Bitlord to get maximum possible download speed. My connection is BSNL 500 (256kbps-2mbps). Torrent health is around 2100 (keeps changing). Right now Im getting 60-70 kbps. But should I expect more? considering its upto 2 mbps connection. Or should I use any other program...
  2. sagardani

    How to play .mkv files on television (or HDTV) w/o converting them to DivX ?

    I've loads of compressed HD stuff on PC and my hard disc is getting full of it. So I need to burn them on DVD. But I just want to know- how can I play them on TV? I don't want to waste time in converting them in DivX. I think Xbox plays mkv files. So if just burn right now them on a DVD as data...
  3. sagardani

    5.1 Speakers dilemma...

    I know this question has been asked several times on this forum. But my situation is bit different. I want 5.1 speakers with budget around 10-12k... So there are only Logitech G51 and AL FX5051 currently available within this budget. FX5051 are under powered (89w) compared to G51 (155w) and...
  4. sagardani

    Where to buy Logisys products in India ?

    Check out their website. Awesome funky products.... Where to buy them in India ?
  5. sagardani

    How to schedule download??

    I've BSNL Home 500 plan which has unlimited download from 2am to 8am. Is there anyway to schedule downloading tasks (torrent) in this time? What I mean is- I will keep PC on and go to sleep. Can I schedule my download such that it will automatically connect and begin at 2am?? I will keep Bitlord...
  6. sagardani

    want HeadPhones under Rs.1000/-

    I want to buy Headphones (not earphones) for my SE W580i and discman, music system, etc. Im confused which one to buy... There are some available in stores by Intex, Frontech, Philips, etc. But when I searched SE website I found this HPM-85...
  7. sagardani

    pros & cons of wide screen monitor:-

    Windows desktop and other application windows look stretched on widescreen monitor. Only DVD movies in 16:9 will look perfect. What is the solution for this? Can we have better look of windows application windows on wide screen monitor??
  8. sagardani

    will LCD monitor work on my config?

    Hi friends, currently I've BPL 15" CRT (don't laugh:p). So I want to buy new LCD TFT monitor under 15k. But I havn't upgraded my pc since 4 years. I've following main config- Pentium 4- 2.4 GHz processor Gforce FX 5200 128mb card 512mb ddr2 ram I want best & largest (inches) possible LCD/TFt...
  9. sagardani

    Need music phone under 16k...! \confused/

    I want to buy cell phone specially for music listening. I've following requirements. *best possible music quality *good memory (min. 1gb) *good headset/headphone (i.e comfortable for ears). *good build quality of phone. Other features are not so important and I won't much think about...
  10. sagardani

    wanna buy new Headphones..

    Im looking for headphones at around Rs.2000 of good quality. There are some wireless headphones in this range. But are these good enough? Or shall I go wit wired ones. Any Seinnheiser product in this range? Which are the other good companies and their models? Let me know with prices... Thanks :)
  11. sagardani

    how much downloading speed should I get??

    I have newly bought VSNL (tata indicom) broadband connection of (upto) 2 mbps. How much download speed ideally should I get on torrents?? What settings should I keep at Bitlord to get the maximum possible speed? Right now I'm getting avg 60 kbps.. I think it should be more cos its 2 mbps.. what...
  12. sagardani

    serious photographers here any??

    Sorry if posted in wrong section. Here I come fast to the point- I've planned to buy Canon EOS 400D. I came to know that the kit-lens that comes with camera isn't so good & it's poor build quality, has many negative reviews, etc.. My budget is total 50k for SLR body & 1 lens. I think body...
  13. sagardani

    CMOS or CCD??

    digtal cameras today have two types of sensors. CCD & CMOS. almost all normal, consumer digital cameras use CCD sensors while some advanced digital SLR cameras use CMOS sensors. also some high-end video cameras use CMOS sensor & our consumer camcoders use CCD sensor. have u ppl read Fast...
  14. sagardani

    help needed to buy digital SLR camera...

    hi folks there... im planning to buy a dSLR camera. well, im not professional but serious amateur photographer or u can say prosumer. so i don't need a very high-end dSLR camera. i need a basic dSLR that's more advanced than a normal, consumer digital camera. don't even need video feature...
  15. sagardani

    LCD or CRT???

    i wanna buy new monitor.. i mainly use pc for animation, video editing, gaming & im a movie freak.. i heard LCDs respond slow to moving ghraphics, etc. & esp while using animation softwares like 3ds max, maya.. now if my asking doesn't seem foolish, which ios best?? LCD or CRT?
  16. sagardani

    can we have THX on PS3???

    can we have THX certified audio quality on Sony PS3 and/or Xbox360??? (provided we've such speakers)
  17. sagardani

    can we have real 5.1 on DVD players??

    hey folks.. can we have real 5.1 sound on DVD players?? we have various good 5.1 speaker systems for pcs from creative, logitech, etc. if we add a good sound card to our pc, they give excellent sound.. but can we have similar sound with a dvd player which we connect to a tv set (provided we have...
  18. sagardani

    best 5.1 speakers below 6k

    hey folks.. my budget is 6k for 5.1 speakers.. i checked on Creative's website. so i just wanna know which is the best amongst following- Creative I-Trigue 5600 or Creative Inspire T6060 anyone using these two??? which one is better?? i mean are they worth?? my shopkeeper...
  19. sagardani

    Please suggest me.......

    i apologise if i've posted in wrong section i want to know some good animation teaching institutes in india.. is there any pro or amature animator here?? please help..
  20. sagardani

    Animation Companies in Pune??

    hey... anyone from Pune here??? which are the animation companies/studios in Pune?? im not talking about training institutes. studios that do actual 3d/2d animation... which are these in Pune, Maharashtra? i heard nVidia opened in Pune at Hinjawadi. but that doesen't qualify as an...
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