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  1. ramprasad

    Broadband and Wireless router help

    The wireless connections shows as 'Limited connectivity'. I am able to ping my modem/router without any problem. I can also open the administrative portal of the modem/router. I am able to connect to the tikona login page if I connect the ethernet directly to the laptop. One puzzling thing...
  2. ramprasad

    Broadband and Wireless router help

    Hi Madhu, My DNS settings on the router are Primary : Secondary : On my laptop, the adapter is set to get the IP address, gateway and DNS automatically. Do you need me to post any specific settings. I tried the url u had given me and also It...
  3. ramprasad

    is It wise to buy computer parts in Bangalore ?? pls help

    Nowadays, Warranty is offered by the company and not by the dealers/retailers from whom we buy. sukesh1090 is right about the service centres. I have been in Bangalore since 8 years and I always buy it S* Road. Around 90% of them here are genuine dealers. No problem, go ahead and buy in...
  4. ramprasad

    Broadband and Wireless router help

    Hi, I have Tikona broadband via ethernet cable. I have plugged it into Dlink Wireless Modem Router - DSL 2730U I have enabled DHCP and set the DNS manually in the router. I connect my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) to the internet using WiFi thrrough the same router. There is no problem...
  5. ramprasad

    Autorun Removal

    Try Autorun eater... it is effective
  6. ramprasad

    SynTPEnh.exe problem

    yes it is safe... ensure that you backup the registry before cleaning it up...
  7. ramprasad

    Burning multiple .avi files to a single DVD.

    very true..................
  8. ramprasad

    SynTPEnh.exe problem

    Probably ur syntpenh.exe or its related files are corrupted.. Uninstall it from Device drivers and re-install it again... If this driver is not present, u can still use the mouse area in ur laptop, but special features like horizontal/vertical scrolling will not be possible.
  9. ramprasad

    Multi Partition a USB Flash Drive in Windows

    Does this work on Vista...?
  10. ramprasad

    How to download a Streamng video

    Good option.. I use Internet Download Manager (IDM) where a pop up appears when you hover on a flv/wmv and just choose the download option...
  11. ramprasad

    :How to create and use strong Password::

    nice tips :)
  12. ramprasad

    Partitioning your hard drive in Windows Vista

    Me toooo.... Thanks narangz for the tut
  13. ramprasad

    Un-interrupted un-monitored download

    @rhitwick: was looking out for such a thing since long time... Thanks
  14. ramprasad

    Best book to learn PHP And MySQL?

    I second that...
  15. ramprasad

    Software for C

    U can also use NetBeans IDE with C/C++ plugins
  16. ramprasad

    Best & Free video Converter in Business

    SUPER © (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer), is one of the best converters I have used... You can download it from
  17. ramprasad

    Best antivirus in 2010

    Most of the time, they detect the worm.trojan/virus in the crack/patch. Some new variants might not be detected though... Once, Ihad a tough time... AVG prompted that the the patch contains a virus. I ignored it and disabled AVG to install the patch and the whole system was corrupted. The...
  18. ramprasad

    Ubuntu on HP laptop

    Thanks everyone... will wait for some more opinion before taking a decision.. @kmadhu: I wanted to use Vista, because I have a licenced OEM disk. @celldweller1591 : Can OEM recovery disk be used to fix the corrupted Vista MBR..?
  19. ramprasad

    Who are these people who made Chrome?

    Atleast for me, it has crashed more times than IE8 while I browse streaming sites which means that the most plugins and Chrome doesnt go well together... This has happened again when I had formatted the machine and re-installed Chrome. Another setback is that, Chrome is not able to...
  20. ramprasad

    Firefox problem

    @neerajvohra: Thanks a lot for the update. I will continue to use IE8 to access the 172.* IP range... :(
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