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  1. cooljeba

    The windows tablet Thread

    I guess windows tablet deserves a thread of it's own. Quick info about windows 8 tablets Windows tablets will run two flavors of Windows Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Win RT It will officially only run software available through the Windows Store or included in Windows RT including...
  2. cooljeba

    For newbies : writing your first windows 8 metro application

    In this tutorial we will see how to create your first Windows 8 Metro app. For example we will code a simple "Hello Name" application. This application will ask for a name and print the same with a greeting. This is a very basic tutorial and it requires no previous coding experience. You will...
  3. cooljeba

    LG AN-WL100W Wireless setup

    Hi, I am planning to buy LG ANWL100 wireless device which would make my LG 42" TV totally wireless except the obvious power chord. Has anyone used this model before any thing similar ? Suggetions on Positive , Negative points ? I checked on ebay but couldn't find an...
  4. cooljeba

    Dead Rising 2 - PS3 - Sealed Copy

    Hi, I have a sealed copy of Dead Rising 2 for PS3.. I bought this game to play but never got the motivation nor time to play it.. So here it is on sale.. Price : 1700 Shipped. Payment : Online to my citibank account. If you want to do amount deposit you need to bare the charges. The...
  5. cooljeba

    Can you suggest a dogfight game [ps2]

    Hello all, I am looking for a game on PS2. Any game in PS2 that has a good dogfight mode also support one on one dog fight. Please suggest me any such game if you know. Thank You ..:: peace ::.. Jeba
  6. cooljeba

    Create Tux

    Let's learn how to create TUX in photoshop. Step 1: Start a new document of size 200x200 pix. Draw a elipse using the eliptical marquee tool and fill it with black colour. Create another layer and draw a elipse and fill it with white gradient refer this on how to fill the...
  7. cooljeba

    Unable to install any flavour of linux on FIC mother board!!

    I have a system which have recently bought. The motherboard is from FIC model no. AU11. I face problem installing linux in to it. I have installed Linux previously on other sytems so i am no noob in installing linux. When I tried to install SUSE 9.1 given with the latest digit it gave me an i/o...
  8. cooljeba

    Beat the keylogger!!!

    Hello guys if someone remembers in one of my post i told that I will be writing an anti keylogger tutorial??? anyways here it is!! Hope u guys like it :D ..:: peace ::.. Jeba
  9. cooljeba

    N/W Blues :(

    I have a cable internet connection provided by Zeenext. The connection is through the PCI lan card in my system and the ip address is assigned automatically by the ISP.When I try to add another Lan card to have local networking and assigning IP address localy, the system freezes after installing...
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