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    $$ Dell Streak $$ - Planning to buy! Any user review,pros & cons?

    Atlast, my search for 'less' battery hungry Android mobile ends with a look at Dell Streak from my friend, Planning to buy 'Streak', any user review? Any pros & cons? Kindly share please!:cry:
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    Will BharatBerry replace BlackBerry?

    GOK.......! To provide a concrete solution for interception of data sent using Blackberry messenger, a Jaipur -based IT company has claimed to have developed a mobile communication service for all users that will work under the ambit of Indian law.:cry::shock: Ref: Bharat Berry, desi...
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    # ECS U3N2 USB 3.0 Card!

    Hi all, Gr8 news for 'tech lovers'! ECS U3N2 USB 3.0 Card-Now experience the new blazing fast USB 3.0 on your old computer,:lol: More details:
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    India 'BOLD' Out!!!!!!

    Blackberry Bold is expected in a few days in India,True competition between N96,iPhone3G and BBB will start now. Priced at 34,990 (?!),hav a look at this:
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    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    Very Cheap Business Tactic by Nokia. By releasing N96,a powerful smartphone with so many features & a horrible battery of 950mAh.We need to charge the mobile atleast once in 12 hours.The situation is similar to N95 with poor battery,Later with improved battery of N95-8GB. So,we can expect Nokia...
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    Suggest me a good GfxCard Plz...

    Hi,I saw a high end config like this: Q6600 ASUS P5KPL-CM LGA 775 Intel G31 MOBO 4GB DDR2 RAM/800 400GB SATA SONY DVD RW CM-600W CM-690 cabi Numeric 1000KVA .... But NO Gfx card!... PLz suggest me a Good graphics card for a budget around 7K. (Is there any way to add 'Firewire'...
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    SMPS for this spec..PLZ...!

    Hi all,3 smps changed in 5 months..suggest me a better smps plz P4 3.0GHz HT 2GB RAM 80GB+320GB hdd ATi Radeon X600/X500 series Sony DVD writer 17" AOC LCD monitor Pinnacle TV/FM tuner(not connected due to Vista incompatibility) Vista Ultimate SP1 eMerge 500KVA ups . Zebronics 400W smps...
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    Where can I get Nokia headset HS-44/AD-44???

    I have Nokia 5700 but unfortunately,my headset is not working properyly.I want to buy this headset alone (HS-44/AD-44). I've searched in many sites including but I'm unable to find. Is it available in India? Someone kindly help me...PLZ...
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    How is TyTn II ?

    A new HTC windows mobile TyTn II getting released in Chennai (India) for RS.32,000. Is it worth trying?
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    Planning to buy KRZR K1! Anyone owns it??

    Beautiful Blue Glossy look Cute clamshell Price dropped to 8.9K Thinking of buying it! IS it worth? Anyone having personal experience? can u share it? Is it worth buying??
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    Colours,Mobile Screen & Confuscious,Plz..Help!

    :confused: I have some basic doubts regarding Mobile Screen and colours?!Kindly help to find a solution!? 1.4096>>>65K>>>>>256K>>>>>16M, How colours are added? 2.How the no. of pixels correlate with colours? suppose if a screen has less pixels and more colors and vice versa,how to decide which...
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    Which BT headset do you own?

    Encouraged by a similar thread in mobiles,I'm starting this: I bought 'Motorola H300',a BT headset with one AAA Battery,slightly bulky but voice clarity is really GOOD!
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    Skype? VoIP?

    :confused: Whats this Skype? and VoIP? Is it possible for us to use mobile net telephony in India? Any Experienced Dudes,plz enlighten us?!
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    Mobile as MODEM-Pls explain!

    Hi friends,I have a Nokia 6610i with a prepaid connection in Airtel Chennai,Recently I've activated 'gprs'.I'm unable to use my 6610i as modem to browse in my PC thro' nokia cable. What are the criteria required for a mobile to work as 'Modem'? Should I change my mobile? Is EDGE a must...
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