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  1. sahil1033

    [Query] Has anyone replaced their Apple earpods under warranty?

    Apple provides 1 year warranty on iPhone and 6 months warranty on accessories. Has anyone availed warranty for earpods (the one with 3.5 mm jack) ? If so, please let me know.
  2. sahil1033

    Upgrading my system, need help

    I am planning to upgrade my current rig. Following are the current specs: Proccy: i3-2100 @ 3.1 GHz Mobo: Intel H67 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500 GB + Seagate Barracuda 2 TB RAM: 2 X 1 GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz + Kingston Value RAM 4 GB @ 1333 MHz PSU: Corsair GS600 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 750Ti UPS...
  3. sahil1033

    Decent rig still poor and slow system performance

    Recently nearly a week back I bought Lenovo G50-70 (59-442243) for 25k. It has a decent rig but still it performs very slow. At times, applications take up time to open which is just so unacceptable. I'm really fed up of non-responsiveness of system quite often. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro and...
  4. sahil1033

    [Query] Online Radio + Channel on TuneIn Radio

    I want to start an online community radio for my college and have no idea about audio streaming on website. I run this student run website: My UPES and want to stream audio on the website. Along with this, I want to have a channel on TuneIn Radio as well. If anyone can help me out with this, it...
  5. sahil1033

    [Help] Budget laptop under 30k

    I need a budget laptop under 30k with moderate specifications. I have a desktop, so, I don't need high end laptop, just a mid range laptop for programming and light entertainment purposes. My preferences are: 1 TB HDD DOS Good keyboard (typing with ease, actually I had Lenovo E49 and it has...
  6. sahil1033

    [Query] Stream audio on website

    I want to stream audio on my website so that I can start an online radio. I even want to open a channel on TuneIn Radio. If anyone can help me with this, it would a great help. Thanks in advance.
  7. sahil1033

    Will my system handle GTX 660?

    I was thinking of buying GTX 660 but I'm not sure if it will be compatible with my current system configuration or not. My current rig: Proccy: Core i3-2100 Mobo: Dell 0Y2MRG RAM: 2 + 4 DDR3 @ 1333 MHz PSU: Corsair GS600
  8. sahil1033

    HDD working fine but still laptop won't boot!

    I have Lenovo E49 and it suddenly stopped working. It just won't boot, when I press the power button, screen is blank and the fan starts rotating at it's maximum speed. Took out RAM and reinserted, no help. Tested the HDD on desktop, it's working fine. What possibly may be the reason? Help...
  9. sahil1033

    Not sure if motherboard is creating problem or it's something else! Help

    I have this Dell 0Y2MRG mobo. After I upgraded my PSU to Corsair GS600, my system is behaving weirdly. When all 4 USB ports at the back is in use and I plug in my data card in the front USB panel, my mouse goes off. The power supply is cut-off for the mouse and I'm forced to remove the data...
  10. sahil1033

    UPS dead !!

    I have this UPS. It's just not starting up. It's not been used for long, I guess the reason is being it's battery dead. I've zero idea about UPS. So, how can I put it to use again? Any idea? Also, I upgraded my desktop. Replaced my old 350W PSU with Corsair GS600. So, will the current UPS be...
  11. sahil1033

    Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet charging problem

    I bought Nexus 7 (2012) 16 GB in December 2013 and everything was working fine until I noticed that charging is taking too long. Infact, I started playing game on it while charging and noticed that battery dropped down by 1%. I'm clueless what has happened to the tablet. Help please.
  12. sahil1033

    Query related to Sierra 598u

    What if I get Sierra 598u from abroad and get it unlocked in India, will it work for BSNL EVDO? And where can I get it unlocked in Delhi?
  13. sahil1033

    Glare solution for Dell S2240L

    I've Dell S2240L and I love the monitor but the thing is it is too glossy and that's irritating. Is there any way to eradicate this problem? Any anti-glare coating? There are many TDF users owning Dell S2440L, kindly help.
  14. sahil1033

    RAM showing 2.57 GB instead of 4 GB

    I own Lenovo E49 with Windows 8.1 and 4 GB RAM but in My Computer it shows only 2.57 GB and even my system is running slow. Opening more than 5 tabs in Google Chrome even slows down the system. Help.
  15. sahil1033

    Need a mobile ranging between 5k - 6k

    I need a mobile for my sister for around 6k and can go till 7k max. Android preferred, suggestions please. She has picked up Lava Iris 402+ till now.
  16. sahil1033

    Budget feature rich digicam under 7k

    It's my first time with camera and I've no idea what Point & Shoot means, i just want a good camera. How's Nikon Coolpix L28 Point & Shoot ?? Your suggestions are needed, help.
  17. sahil1033

    Budget e-book reader

    I want a device to read e-books, it can be an e-book reader or a tablet too. But I want to go for a tablet as it will serve the purpose of tablet too, going for an e-book reader won't be a good choice. Anyways, I'm a bit confused, suggest something please.
  18. sahil1033

    Data entry job from home !!

    Hi, I'm pursuing B.Tech. from an engineering college in Dehradun and I will to do some part time job from home. Since I've no work experience yet, all I can do is data entry (typing) job. I've no idea how to search for such jobs and I feel insecure if they're genuine or not. Please help me...
  19. sahil1033

    Speaker producing constant humming sound !!

    My speaker " Philips SPA5300 " is constantly producing humming like sound which is really annoying, why is this happening?
  20. sahil1033

    System malfunctioning after PSU upgrade, clueless, urgent help needed !!

    I upgraded my cabinet and PSU (NZXT Gamma and Corsair GS600 respectively) and now PC is showing some problems. I've no idea why is this happening? When I plug 2 USB devices, my mouse power automatically goes off and re-plugging the mouse doesn't help, the only option left with me is restarting...
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