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  1. Samarth 619

    Anybody needs a review of Redgear MK881 Mechanical Keyboard?

    Hey Guys, I've reviewed some stuff earlier like Powerbanks, Jio Fi, etc... I just received the Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard from Amazon:-
  2. Samarth 619

    A Duplicate Huawei Mate 10 Pro... What to do with it?

    My friend came from Dubai with an ultra cheap Huawei Mate 10 Pro.... How cheap? Rs. 3000 or s0. I was firstly amazed at Dubai prices but still I was heavily doubtful. I tried checking it. Display was ok ok, Settings/ About told the phone as "Huawei Mate 10 Pro"... Good. I downloaded benchmarks...
  3. Samarth 619

    Review: JioFi 2 Wifi Dongle+Jio LTE Service.

    Hey Guys, Samarth this side. You must remember me from my reviews of Redmi 1s, Redmi 2, their twin powerbanks (5200 & 10400), etc.. By the way I got the 20800 Mah powerbank too later on... :D Anyhow, this review is about Jio Fi 2, the wifi-hotspot dongle given by Reliance Jio, for 4G internet...
  4. Samarth 619

    [Complaint] POSSIBLE MASS FRAUD: Ringing Bells: Can anybody confirm anything about it?

    Hey Guys, This year there was a huge hoopla over a Smartphone costing Rs. 251, which experts said must cost around Rs. 4000 normally, from its inputs. Team Digit had reviewed "Ringing Bells Freedom 251" mobile phone which costed Rs. 251 only at launch, and the company also claimed COD for...
  5. Samarth 619

    Using nVidia GTX 950 4GB or RX460 4GB (desktop variant) on my Dell Laptop.

    Guys, My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5520, whose spec is Core i5 3210M, 8 GB DDR3, 1 GB AMD 7670M, 500GB HD, Windows 7, etc. I run an average of 18-40 frames per second in Far Cry 3, lowest settings including Direct X 9, not 11 as it reduces FPS. I wish to extend its graphical power...
  6. Samarth 619

    MY experience of modifying a Pulsar 180 to 208cc and many other modifications.

    Guys, I was sent a PM by a member regarding modifying a Pulsar 180 UG3. I by mistake, wrote a full letter on it. :D So, just to share the knowledge, let me post a copy of it here, for everyone's benefit. I request you to go through it if you think it might help. Brother, as of now, I...
  7. Samarth 619

    Legal to let people play PS4/ Xbox games in your shop?

    Hey guys, I am going to get possession of a shop in apartments soon. I plan on opening a combined store with few services like:- Photography (Event and studio both), Printing, Computer related work, Notes for students, Job/ typing work, some eatables, and the last very important part:- Video...
  8. Samarth 619

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Redmi 1S:- The budget performer.

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s review: The budget performer. Guys, As promised in the Mi 5200 Review thread, I am writing a review of Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Thanks to my college’s corporate level Fibre-optic internet, I passed through the Redmi 1S flash sale in first attempt itself. To know more about Xiaomi...
  9. Samarth 619

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Mi 5200 Portable Charger for mobiles.

    Xiaomi Mi 5200 Portable Charger for mobile phones. Prologue: So, after my well invited and applauded review of Canon MP 287 Printer with ESYINK ink tank system, I'm back with another review... But, I wasn't sure about writing this review. Why? Because, would you think twice before...
  10. Samarth 619

    Will a Review of Mi 5200 Mah Portable charger he helpful to anyone here?

    Guys, I just purchased a Mi 5200 Mah Portable charger that can charge mobile phones, tablets, etc. On The Go. I've been using it for around 1-2 weeks now. Its from a growing company Xiaomi, and is very good quality overall. Its cost is around Rs. 800, and is available on online sites like...
  11. Samarth 619

    All in one Review: Canon MP287's accessory: ESYINK Ink Tank System.

    Review: Canon MP287's accessory: ESYINK Ink Tank System. Hey guys, this is Samarth. I'm a Teacher in Rajasthan, India. I've seen this forum for long and although couldn't post much. Anyways, I wish to write my review of Canon MP287 alongwith its one very useful attachment: The ESYINK Ink tank...
  12. Samarth 619

    Need an All-In-One (in Rs. 10,000) after a disastrous experience with Epson ME535.

    Guys, Let me start with background. I had an Epson ME 535 all in one printer which I sold because it was sucking ink like anything... I was aware of the printing costs. Typically, a Rs. 390 cartridge prints 230 pages. But the truth is not anywhere close to what Epson claims: Leave the...
  13. Samarth 619

    Origin Game Install Issue

    Guys, I can't get past the DRM bullshit once again... Its been 1 hour and all I managed was a 0% download. I'm so angry I just smashed my Need for Speed: the run's box on the floor!!! :evil: One of the DVD's (Disc No. 1) is in my drive but Origin is not using it to install the game. I have an...
  14. Samarth 619

    Woes of DRM: The punishments of being a legal & moral customer.

    Let me introduce myself, Samarth is my name. I'm an avid biker, so if you're into motorcycles, I'm the man to ask. Pulsar or Karizma? R15 or CBR150R? Ask me...! I have recently got a laptop Inspiron 15R, which has: Core i5 3210M running at 2.5 Ghz-3.1 Ghz, 4 GB RAM DDR3, 1 GB integrated...
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