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  1. savithk

    Intel NUC

    anyone have Intel NUC please share your experience
  2. savithk

    Samsung RV411-S02IN RAM upgrade

    i am not a technical knowledge person. my friend have this old Samsung RV411-S02IN laptop . he want to upgrade to 8GB or 16GB RAM but which RAM is support for this model please reply...
  3. savithk

    Ryzen 5 5600G vs Ryzen 5 3400G

    iam little confused please guide me my current AMD PC is dead so iam thinking to go with Ryzen 5 5600G or Ryzen 5 3400G . please share which motherboard support for Ryzen 5 5600G. with 16 GB RAM 3600 MHz but my last option is RYZEN 5 2400G or Ryzen 3 3200G . because of budget limitations i...
  4. savithk

    software issues ? or hardware issues ?

    Hello everyone im having an issue right now that my computer won't shutdown. windows 7 is shutdown in software level without any problem but NOT shutdown in hardware level PC still on and running. I need to switch off SMPS power button in order to shutdown my computer. please reply
  5. savithk

    Facebook consuming more data windows 7

    i have noticed after new layout Facebook consuming more data when any page or any video page scrolling in windows 7 is there solutions ?
  6. savithk

    mobile to TV

    for Samsung A51 it is possible to screen mirroring from usb c to hdmi cable for Sony BRAVIA 40 Inch LCD Full HD TV (KLV-40NX500) ?? please reply
  7. savithk

    fake or genuine site ?

    anyone know about ltonlinestore i just want to know it is fake or genuine site ?
  8. savithk

    external soundcard or internal

    My PC have onboard sound card. i have novation launchkey 49 + Ableton Live 10 Lite . no planing to record any external sound with microphone. i just want to explore with midi & sound mixing beats .please i need your suggestion . do i need external soundcard for better sound output or should i go...
  9. savithk

    Zenfone Lite L1 VS Redmi 6

    guys i need your little help ...currently i have second hand Microsoft Lumia 950 iam using as primary phone .... according to my budget iam planning to buy Zenfone Lite L1 or Redmi 6A want to use as a secondary phone to very basic usage only paytm , ola , uber , uber eats , swiggy ...
  10. savithk

    display resolution problem

    i have Dell S2240L Monitor & EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global i change my old display VGA cable to DVI to HDMI currently i have AmazonBasics HDMI Input to DVI Output please check...
  11. savithk

    windows 10 compatibility

    can anyone please guide me regarding windows 10 compatibility can i install on my current Motherboard i ready installed current bios but its 2011 version after that there is no update . current OS windows 7 SP1 M4N68T-M V2 | Motherboards | ASUS Global current computer specifications...
  12. savithk

    want to replace old to new graphic card

    this is my current old graphic card EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global current Motherboard M4N68T-M V2 | Motherboards | ASUS Global current PSU Antec VP550P 550 Watts my current old graphic card some time dont work properly (dead mode)....i want to replace to new...
  13. savithk

    PC upgrade Phenom II X2 555 to Ryzen

    hello Guys iam from Ahmedabad iam planing to upgrade my current PC Phenom II X2 555 to AMD Ryzen5 2400G. i want to upgrade CPU, Motherboard ,DDR4 3000MHz 16GB , 240SSD but i am little confused between Ryzen5 2600 or Ryzen5 2400G... please tell me can i use my current Cooler Master Hyper 103...
  14. savithk

    PC boot with error

    when i switch on my PC always boot with this two error ....any solution please help but my PC work perfectly
  15. savithk

    files cannot selecting according to alphabet keys on keyboard layout

    files cannot selecting according to alphabet keys on keyboard layout on windows 7 . this function is disabled automatically . how to activate ???? please help
  16. savithk

    ram specification suitable for laptop

    iam normal user ...i have samsung laptop NP-RV411-S02IN . currently only 4GB RAM there. i want to upgrade to 8 GB RAM according to RAMMon this my laptop RAM specification ...please suggest me which ram specification suitable for my laptop PassMark RAMMon Ram Type DDR3 Maximum Clock Speed (MHz)...
  17. savithk

    CPU cabinet (more air ventilation)

    iam want to replace my current old CPU cabinet to new CPU cabinet (more air ventilation version) iam not a gamer this my Motherboard its a uATX Form Factor my budget is 4 to 5 only
  18. savithk

    Intel Optane Memory

    how to take advantage of Intel® Optane™ Memory with i3 Processors
  19. savithk

    Entry-Level PSU only

    guys iam planing to replace my current old PSU 450 unbranded to new one please suggest me which is suitable for PC motherboard ASUS M4N68T-M V2 M4N68T-M V2 | Motherboards | ASUS Global
  20. savithk

    Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad

    Any from ahmedabad iam looking for Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad .planing to buy new upgraded PC . budget & time is NOT finalized yet . most probably i want to go for only intel i3-7100 or i3-6100 + 16 GB DDR4-2400 + 2 TB HDD + 128 /256 GB SSD (optional) + graphics card future...
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