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  1. desai_amogh

    Laptop for freelance work @ 30k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Need a laptop Freelance work and lite general use. Applications...
  2. desai_amogh

    Non Smart UHD TV under 45k

    1. Budget? 45k Max 2. Display type and size? UHD 4k more than 43" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Watching movies, tv streaming with Android TV box 4. Ports Required? At least 2 HDMI 5. Preferred choice of brand? LG and Sony 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? No 7. Any other info that you want to...
  3. desai_amogh

    duplicate products on eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, etc

    Guys, I dint put this under online shopping as I wish to discuss this and get a solution or suggestion. I bought a Puma shoes from Amazon couple of days back and it was delivered today. This is what I ordered. When I opened the box, I realized it was a duplicate product as the finish...
  4. desai_amogh

    Is there any HAM/Amateur Radio operator on TDF ??

    I was just wondering.. With so many techies on TDF, Is there any HAM / Amateur Radio operators here??
  5. desai_amogh

    FHD question, vga vs hdmi

    Guys, What i understand is hdmi will work on vga but will be analog and less quality than hdmi which is digital. Am I right? I am not a gamer. Recently ordered a FHD display and will use it for normal work and watching movies sometimes. My mobo doesn't support hdmi and only has vga. Is...
  6. desai_amogh

    FHD Monitor buying advise

    Looking for a decent branded FHD monitor. 1. Budget? < 8K 2. Display type and size? ~21.5 Inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? As a desktop monitor, watch full HD movies, use with Pine64/Raspberry pi like SBCs 4. Ports Required? HDMI IS A MUST, 1 VGA port will really help. 5...
  7. desai_amogh

    Looking for a budget FHD monitor

    Hi Guys, Finally my decade old crt is dying on me. Display weirdly goes black/blank at any point and comes back if monitor is restarted. I am now planning to buy a new monitor, need a budget FHD monitor. Looks don't matter. What I want is a good quality, VFM 19" monitor. This will be used...
  8. desai_amogh

    IEM under 1k with Soundmagic PL30 like design

    I have a problem, most IEMs don't fit my ears coz i believe my ear holes are smaller than usual (don't laugh plz :P). I used Soundmagic PL30 and found them gr8. They are prefect fit with small buds as they have a small area next to the buds which fits in the surface next tot he ear hole...
  9. desai_amogh

    Computer restarts randomly

    Hi, Please see my configuration in Signature. My desktop has started restarting randomly. At times it it restarts withing 3-4 seconds of turning it ON. At times stays till the Bios screen comes, other times Windows & boots and it restarts after 5-10 minutes. It doesnt stay On for more than...
  10. desai_amogh

    Samsung 40F5500 vs Sony 42" W650A? Which one to go for?

    Samsung 40F5500 - 59K Sony 42" W650A - 63K Both this models are newly launched. Didn't get chance anywhere to compare these 2 models side-by-side, but I feel Sony picture quality is much better than Samsung (for these models). Only issue with Sony's W650A is just 1 USB port and 2 HDMI...
  11. desai_amogh

    [Query] Warranty for FSP Saga II

    Hi Guys, Kindly advise how to get my broken FSP Saga II replacement or warranty repair. It still has some 5 months warranty left. I could not find any info on their website. Regards Amogh
  12. desai_amogh

    Good Distance education institute/university for MBA (IT)

    Hi guys Any suggestions for Good Distance education institute/university for MBA IT or information systems ?? Im in Pune.
  13. desai_amogh

    need advise on how to deal with a fellow digitian

    Hi Guys, I have recently been in touch with couple of Datawind guys over the email. I have also seen this user kg11sgbg cribbing about his issue. He paid for the tab some 2 month ago and datawind never delivered it. I took kg11sgbg's details and sent them to Datawind and told them about the...
  14. desai_amogh

    !! Guys beware of Ebay scams, sellers faking reputation

    Hi Guys, Today I was searching for a phone for my cousin, and found an ebay seller selling the SE live with Walkman for just Rs 10,600 (where the original price is 12 -13k) Here is the link for the product on ebay I did a quick check on the seller by his name and see what I found on one of...
  15. desai_amogh

    Questions re railway tickets

    Hi, Im trying to book railway tickets from Pune to coimbatore on 26th May 2012, preferable Kanyakumari Express. For tatkal booking, wt this moment I get an error "The Dates given were outside ARP" so iu beilive i can book tickets at 8AM in the morning on 25th May. Question is, if my...
  16. desai_amogh

    best Full HD LED tv under 50K

    hi guys, please suggest a good Full HD tv under 50K. No 3D and strict no for LG tvs as had bad experience. Regards Amogh
  17. desai_amogh

    issue: LXDE + vnc = black screen

    Hi Guys, I have a fedora 15 server, and it was consuming too much resources (ram, processor). I decided to remove gnome and install lxde. check online and removing gnome creates problems.. so i dint do groupremve "gnome desktop environment" but removed loats of gnome related unwanted...
  18. desai_amogh

    AMD Phenom II X4 840 VS Athlon II X4 645 which one is better ??

    AMD Phenom II X4 840 – 5300; Athlon II X4 645 3.1GHz @ Rs.4,700/-. which one is better, performance wise.. this is not for Gaming.
  19. desai_amogh

    AMD processor + mobo under 10k

    Guys, After this thread, am posting the same requirement but with AMD based proccy and mobo :( tis is actually for my cousin and looking at the prices he suddenly changed his plan to go with AMD. This is what i need: Please suugest me an AMD processor and good mobtherboard combo for...
  20. desai_amogh

    good LED tv under 30k

    hi looking for a LED TV under 30K, preferably 32 inches, ready to increase my budget around 3 -4. Full HD is a MUST for me. USB slot would be a good to have Will watch a lot of full HD movies on this TV and it will be always connected to Airtel DTH (non HD box) Do not plan to connect...
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