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    [For Sale] Brand New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Model

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Paperwhite 2015 model Kindle Paperwhite - e-reader with WiFi & Built-In Light at Expected Price: Rs 9200/- Source and Time of Purchase: Got as a gift Nov 2016 Reason for Sale: laying unused RMA/Servicing history: Never...
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    [For Sale] Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste

    SOLD !
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    [For Sale] Core2Duo E8400

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: E8400 ARK | Intel® Core Expected Price: Rs 2700 + FREE SHIPPING Source and Time of Purchase: maybe a year, online forum Reason for Sale: Need money RMA/Servicing history: None Product Condition: Excellent condition, great c2d...
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    MSI GTS 250 OCed Editon

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    [For Sale] Fully Unlocked UMG 1831 - 2G/3G Sim Supported

    For Sale ! Product Name Huawei UMG 1831 USB Modem Expected Price: Rs 1900/- Price Dropped! Time of Purchase: Don't remember, maybe a year back Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No/No |(3 days testing warranty) Reason for Sale: laying unused...
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    CoolerMaster Choiix Power Fort 10WHrs

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    MSI 8800GT OC Edition

    STATUS : SOLD to kunal_gupta :)
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    [Want to Buy] HDD with broken ports

    Hi friends, I am looking for HDD, which have got broken ports (power/data). The HDD must be working though. Anyone willing to dispose their damage HDD, kindly PM me or post over here. TIA
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    Unlocking Casio fx-82ES to Casio fx-991ES

    This is a guide to unlock your Casio Scientific calculator to a higher version with more features. I have tested it with my own fx-82ES and it worked. This mod will unlock model number fx-82ES/83ES/85ES to fx-991ES Generally 82ES comes with 249 functions function and when the "setup"...
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    Free goodies from Steel Series

    Steel series is providing free goodies for everyone, just resister and earn a chance to win those. just register with this link, you have nothing to lose STEELSERIES CONTEST OF A DECADE!
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    Some BIOS Related Apps You Should Know About

    Today i found some cool apps. These are to modify system BIOS (AMI/AWARD) With these you can tweak ur BIOS, unlock hidden option etc etc. I thought of starting the thread in the application but these apps are related to CPU/MOBO and also overclocking. Mods can keep it here or they can move...
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    XFX 630i motherboard

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    Negative Feedback on TDF

    Hi digitians, i have started this thread after going through the Bazaar section. To tell the truth, the bazaar section is just a junk of crappy threads. The members are just dumping their threads just like anything. There is no rules, no systematic posting etc. I saw members started a thread...
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    C++ coding

    I am currently working on a c++ program to do all the martix operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and transpose. But i am little weak in that "Function call / declaration etc." , so i am feeling difficulties in coding the program. I am sending my partially completed code...
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    Need reviews

    Hi everybody, i have got a Nokia 2700 classic. The bundled earphone is not that good. I am thinking of getting a creative EP-50 pair of earphone. Is this earphone good. Have anyone of you ever used this earphone. How it sounds. Reply
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    Need Mp4 to Mp3 converter

    hi everybody, can you suggest any good and powerful mp4(audio) to mp3 converter. The quality must be high. I had some mp3 collections which i converter to mp4, but now i want to reconvert it to mp3. Please suggest a good one both paid and free. thanks in advance
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    Latest software launched!!!

    Hi fnds you might want to know the latest software that is launched recently. This thread will include all the latest softs that are launched. Softwares are listed according to their date of launch Please post your replies so that i can continue this thread... For dwnld links please google...
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    Firmware for Nokia 2700 classic

    Hi fnds, new firmware for Nokia 2700 Classic(ver. 7.80) is out. The previous one was 7.15. Did you update your your cell phone. The battery charging icon is changed and the map icon in the main menu is removed and included with the "Organizer" list. I updated my Nokia 2700, here is the result of...
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    Is it true that one cannot dwnld pics from orkut?
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    Why r these disable [audio problem]??

    Hi fnds, got a prob. My pc have got XFX nforce 630i mobo which has got realtek HD audio output. When the check the volume control panel(in XP), there is ab advanced option which has got seperate adjustment for bass and treble. the problem is that those options are disable (check pic...
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