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  1. Krazy Bluez

    Happy Birthday mrintech and all others.. :D

    Wish you a very blasting birtday buddies.... deivaprasath (51), sau.moinak1 (23), mrintech (22), raja.mailtome (22), marchelyx (20), amberiya (20), cyberabhilash (18), pramitkumarpal (17) Congrats... now parcel me the cake... :lol:
  2. Krazy Bluez

    Will anyone help me in Linux...?

    Hey all... first of all... Hi... ! I'm a Windows user for the past 2 years... I tried linux in VirtualBox and live CD very much and I liked it... but the only thing that is keeping me away is that i don't know how to install my Modem Driver.... if anyone can help me to figure me out how to...
  3. Krazy Bluez

    Happy Birthday to Rhitwick and all others

    Happy Birthday to All : emondhk2004 (38), Sridhar_Rao (36), Amick_Madchen, mohitt77 (27), rhitwick (25), janarcse (25), digisubi (22), krish512 (18)
  4. Krazy Bluez

    Download Windows 7 RC NOW

    Finally, finally Microsoft has released the much awaited Windows 7 RC to public. No download limit, no speed limit, so download whenever and wherever you want. Just goto following link and start downloading Windows 7 RC: The download is available in ISO format, so you'll need to burn the...
  5. Krazy Bluez

    [Game] Alphabetical Words

    You basically post different words in alphabetical order, For example: Krazy Bluez: Apple Person #1: Building Person #2: Crayon And it keeps on going to Z, then restarts again So here it goes.. Apple
  6. Krazy Bluez

    Help me find this...

    Hey guys....I need your help...can anyone tell me which Winamp skin is this...I've searched DA but not found anything....
  7. Krazy Bluez

    How to create a signature ?

    I just wanna know how I can create my own signature...I mean I have a picture but i want to add links in it, like one for deviantart, twitter, orkut, etc, but i can't figure it out how to, so can anyone help me with it ?
  8. Krazy Bluez

    My new Windows 7 Concept Logon Screen for XP

    Link: How's it guys ?
  9. Krazy Bluez

    zPlease zHelp zMe

    zI zHave zbeen zinfected zby za zvirus, zwhich zcauses zall zthe zwords zto zdisplay zlike zthis. zActually, zwhenever zI zpress zspace zbar zit zinserts za zz zinto zit, zit's zvery zfrustrating..... zI zcannot zeven ztry zto zsearch zin zgoogle zfor zanswer, zas zit zis zlike ztyping zwrong...
  10. Krazy Bluez

    Total Views=Replies+1....bug fixed

    Well I think someone's had been hearing our complains for a while, so a major bug has been if they just changed the theme back to normal...guess I'm day dreaming...
  11. Krazy Bluez

    Why I'm not getting Transparency in XP ?

    Hey guys...i have a problem, as I'm a desktop modifyier I'm always into customizing my Windows XP...but of late my Taskbar is unable to get transparent...I've tried many software's like TransBar etc but it drivers are also fine...please help me guys...
  12. Krazy Bluez

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will release the latest version of Internet Explorer at noon Pacific time on Thursday, bringing major changes in...
  13. Krazy Bluez

    Anyone watched Dev D ?

    Well as the title says, is the Emotional Atyachaar really good ? If you've watched it then please say how you liked it ?:confused:
  14. Krazy Bluez

    Share your Bookmarks !

    Hey guys ! This idea came up to me, this is so as the bookmarks is the place where you store all your frequent visited sites in one place and for future reference. This may seems like Stumble Upon but its different altogether. Hope to see many more to come...:D
  15. Krazy Bluez

    Siemens Mobile Secret Codes

    C25: SP unlock *#0003*(secret code 8 digits)# *#0606# shows you Secret Code, but only without SIM Card. *#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Resets language to automatic selection : * # 0000 # then Green button Pin Out (electrical connections) 1- GND 2- SB...
  16. Krazy Bluez

    iPod Linux:Has anybody tried it ???

    Hey guys, I brought Apple iPod Nano (widescreen) 3G - 4GB I just wanna know whether upgrading it to iPod Linux will have any harm over it, and whether it's reversible to downgrade ? Please share your experience while using it here... Counting on you guys.... Bye :D
  17. Krazy Bluez

    Apple iPod Nano 3G

    Hi guys, can anybody tell me how can I get free games for my Apple Ipod Nano - 3G ??? The ones on the iTunes Store are all paid ones, so any torrent would also do ! :p
  18. Krazy Bluez

    "Broad"Band problem

    Hi guys, I have a BSNL 500 Combo plan, recently I re-installed XP cause due to some heavy tweaking done to my computer by myself which made it unstable and I was myself unable to fix, anyways my problem is 1> At first I had to connect through the internet through the Dialing method...
  19. Krazy Bluez

    300 Freeware software's and 60 Wallpaper sites

    350 Freeware software's and 60 Wallpaper sites This is the list of software's which I think we using very commonly, so making a whole list here for the Newbies Office OpenOffice - office suite PC Suite 602 - office suite AbiWord - text editor Atlantis Nova - text editor Microsoft PowerPoint...
  20. Krazy Bluez

    Port Forwarding in BSNL's Seimens C2110 Modem ?

    How do I port forward to get optimal speeds ? I've seen in tutorials section that there is a similar thread but id didn't worked for me, do please help me guys...
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