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  1. confused!!

    VLC not running in Mint

    I am facing some problems in running VLC in Linux Mint 9. It was running fine until I made some some configuration changes(I dont remember which ones). After that it resuses to open. I have since used Package manager to completely remove and then reinstall VLC but to no avail. It still does not...
  2. confused!!

    remove ubuntu 10.10 from multi boot

    Okay..So I had Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 as the two OS in my notebook. Ubuntu was installed after Windows using the Grub Boot loader. Now I upgraded Ubuntu to 10.10 and I am really disappointed with the performance and I want to revert back to 10.04 but I am told that I cannot downgrade and I...
  3. confused!!

    Query about inverter

    Well guys it is now scorching heat in Hyderabad and the electricity people are not helping it out by doing 2 hr power cuts at 6 in the morning:-x:-x ..So I have decided to buy an inverter.:-) I don't have any idea about inverters. My requirements is that it should be able to run 2 fans and 1...
  4. confused!!

    UPS not working

    Well while I was playing Transformers yesterday, my SMPS and UPS suddenly stopped working:x:x...My SMPS actually fried and I replaced it. So my CPU is working fine now Regarding my UPS, when I switch it on, the beep sound is audible and it does not respond to the power supply provided to it Is...
  5. confused!!

    changing boot options in linux

    Recently I installed Open SUSE 11.1 that was shipped in this month's Digit DVD. I am a total Linux noob but I was able to install it very easily. Now my problem is that Linux is the default choice in the boot options. I want to make Windows my deafault OS to boot . how to do...
  6. confused!!

    folder double click makes search to open up

    I am having this problem that whenever I double click on any folder, windows search for that folder pops up:-x:-x, even in right click menu searh is the first to disable search and revert back to opening of folders:confused:
  7. confused!!

    computer not shutting down..

    I am having this strange problem ..whenever I shut down my PC it does not shut down properly..I mean 'Windows is shutting down' Log off message stays on the screen permanently although my modem's PC connection light goes off as it does in a normal shutsown..Even the red Hard disk activity light...
  8. confused!!


    I am professionally a Games tester..Currently i am testing a very scary game:mad::mad:my problem is that I have been getting nightmares about the game:(:(.The reason i think is not because the game is so scary but i think the work pressure is getting to my head..I m the best performing member of...
  9. confused!!

    need help...Buying a Digital camera

    I am planning to buy a digital budget is 15000 and i am looking for a camera which should also have a decent video recording quality...which brand should i opt for...
  10. confused!!

    Wireless mouse battery problems

    My wireless mouse(Microsoft) battery drains after a maximum of 15 days(even the much hyped duracell battery goes aroud 20 days)..When i purchased it i was told that it would easily go around 2 months..anybody who has wireless mouse can u share your experiences
  11. confused!!

    Browser problem

    I am having problems with all my problem is that my internet browser automatically closes after few minutes..i have tried all kind of browsers(IE7,Firefox,Opera,Saari..).What may be the it some kind of virus????:(
  12. confused!!

    getting registry recovery message..

    everytime i start my computer i get this message 90% of the time "one of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by the use of a log or alternate copy. the recovery was successful." what may be the problem....????
  13. confused!!

    pen drives not detecting in win 98

    For some reason i had to get back to windows 98...but now my problem is that my pen drives are not being detected...i dont have much knowledge in win 98...when i insert it , it shows new h/W detected and searches for drivers but it does'nt find them and in the end it shows unknown device...
  14. confused!!

    cannot install win xp

    I dont know i should be putting it in the hardware section or the software section..but i am having a strange problem.Whenever i am trying to install Windows Xp or Windows 2000, after loading all the files when it shows the screen- "Press enter to Set up Windows now" "Press R to enter...
  15. confused!!

    Movies you should never watch...

    Well i was going through the must watch movie thread and found some great movies out i thought to start a thread with the movies you should never watch.... My vote goes to..... DARLING(hindi)
  16. confused!!

    NOP settings for motorokr e6

    I want to use NOP(Net on phone) on my motorola motorokr e6.I have activated it but automatic settings are not supported on my phone. So i need manual settings.but those airtel guys are not even able to provide manual settings.So if anybody can provide me the manual settings,it will be great help...
  17. confused!!

    a phone for 12000

    my budget is around Rs 12000 and i want a phone that should have: A 2 MP camera Good music and Fm player 3G,Edge Enabled(must) I have 2-3 models in my mind- 6233 - but it is 40 series phone 6300 - i have heard its battery life is low. what about N91 4Gb (quite Intersted), Nokia 5700(but i...
  18. confused!!

    internet options in pune???

    Hi , i m from pune and want to know about the various unlimited net access offers here in pune...
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