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  1. confused!!

    VLC not running in Mint

    Yeah, its working now....thanks
  2. confused!!

    VLC not running in Mint

    I am facing some problems in running VLC in Linux Mint 9. It was running fine until I made some some configuration changes(I dont remember which ones). After that it resuses to open. I have since used Package manager to completely remove and then reinstall VLC but to no avail. It still does not...
  3. confused!!

    remove ubuntu 10.10 from multi boot

    ^^yeah...will try that
  4. confused!!

    Dog shoots owner

    Well the source is provided...So it actually happened
  5. confused!!

    remove ubuntu 10.10 from multi boot

    Okay..So I had Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 as the two OS in my notebook. Ubuntu was installed after Windows using the Grub Boot loader. Now I upgraded Ubuntu to 10.10 and I am really disappointed with the performance and I want to revert back to 10.04 but I am told that I cannot downgrade and I...
  6. confused!!

    Opera 11 Alhpa

    Opera + Extensions....awesome
  7. confused!!

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    I would love you t want me - LOBO
  8. confused!!

    Our company restricted mobile phone usage!!!!

    It's a common practice in many companies. Not only because you will be talking during office hours but there might be security issues. In my previous company phones were banned due to security issues. But in my current organization not only phones are allowed but we can listen to songs...
  9. confused!!

    Upgrade issues in ubuntu 10.10

    ^^Did you downgrade or made a fresh install of 10.04?? I am also having some performance issues in 10.10 and would like to downgrade but in ubuntuforms they said that downgrading is not possible and I need to make a fresh install. BTW I am not a very advanced user of Linux
  10. confused!!

    The Browser Wars II

    Different people have different requirements over time and thats where different browsers serves the purpose. So no one is a clear winner. Opera is the winner when it comes to speed
  11. confused!!

    Free ATM era ends on Tuesday

    Its good that I have a HDFC salary account:)
  12. confused!!

    Blue- Pathetic and crap. don't watch this movie

    It was really a s**t movie. Wasted my money and time. Sanjay Dutt was totally useless
  13. confused!!

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Currently listening to Secret Garden songs...Anyone out here Secret Garden types??
  14. confused!!

    Sorry for replying so late. Was extremely busy..Have been promoted in my role as well as a new...

    Sorry for replying so late. Was extremely busy..Have been promoted in my role as well as a new and high pressure project going on..Logged in TDF after around 2 months I guess. Will try and have more time in TDF. So how is everything going..Vacations??? Cheers
  15. confused!!

    Actor Feroz Khan passes away

    Sad News indeed :-(
  16. confused!!

    Nokia PC Suite Problem(Connecting)

    ^^reinstall the cable drivers
  17. confused!!

    Need Invitation

    yahaan iske baare mein koi jaanta hi nahi:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  18. confused!!

    Need help with my UPS problem

    ^^then press the power button of your cpu
  19. confused!!

    x-men origins wolverine Leaked

    I have been seeing the movie in the obvious sites for quite some time now but I have resisted myself from watching it ..well with comments like above I think I made a good decision
  20. confused!!

    somebody stole my laptop

    I dont know about the charger but please tell your parents about it..When I was in pune a similar incident occured to my room mate. He too concealed it from his parents..In the end he had to tell 100 lies to defend his one lie:-(:-(
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