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    Need a Budget gaming Cabinet

    Hello, Need a budget gaming cabinet. My max budget is strictly under 3000 ( or lower will be better) I was using intex generic cabinet but recently i upgraded my system with HD 7770. Now system is very congested. I have to run pc with removal of side case. In my future cabinet i am...
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    Hunt for mobile under 15k

    Hi all, this is my first post in mobile section.Please help me to choose a superb mobile under 15k. 1. budget(strict) 15k 2.Display type & size size biggest possible under budget 3.Form factor touchscreen only 4.Preferred brand nokia & samsung 5.Preferred input method touchscreen...
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    Xinput1_3.dll file missing in laptop

    Few days back my laptop plays NFS HOT PURSUIT without any problem(in vista os),but today i installed win7 ultimate 32bit on laptop, but it can't run, and a message appear that xinput1_3.dll file is not found. This is a paste and play game means i can't install it on laptop,because laptop DVD ROM...
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    Want to run windows 7 on pentium 4

    I want to run windows 7 on pentium 4. Is it possible, my spec is below: pentium 4 2.4 ghz 1 gb+ 128 mb ram 40 gb hdd. I will buy new pc when bulldozer comes out.
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    Lcd monitor suggestion urgent

    I want a lcd monitor strictly under 8k. It should be full hd. Hdmi is not must have feature but great if available in this budget. Main usage is movie and gaming. It should be tough build so i can use it restless for many hours.
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    Kolkata guys pls help

    Can someone tell me prices of these components in kolkata. Ga 880gma ud2h Ga 880gm ud2h Ga 880ga ud3h corsair ddr3 2gb 1333 mhz Athlon 2x4 645
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    Best processor under 5k

    Which is the best processor under 5k with highest Ghz and highest L1 L2 L3 cache memory. I like to know two answers one from Intel & another from Amd
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    Coolpix or powershot

    Which one is great in picture quality: Nikon coolpix S6000 or Canon powershot sx130 is
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    Want to play 1080p movie

    I have a IBM pc. Its config is p4 2.4 ghz, 845 mbd, 1gb ram, 40gb internal 500gb ext hdd. I would like 2 know 2 things. 1. Can i play hd movie(1080p) using any recommended graphics card. (720p is playable) 2. Pl. Lighten on possible upgrade.
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