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  1. Pathik

    BE Project Ideas

    I am in my final year of Engg now, and have to do the mandatory BE project. I need some project ideas. I was thinking to make some web application or something, but haven't thought of anything yet. Please post any good ideas you have. I am quite decent with Java, PHP, CSS, JS etc and will...
  2. Pathik

    New PC Suggestions! HALP!

    Guys, I need to get a new PC in 25k. Here's what I have thought of so far- Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz E5200 - 3375 Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H - 3350 Corsair DDR 2 CM2X2048-6400C5 - 1550 Western Digital 1 TB SATA HDD 32 MB Buffer - 4500 Samsung 933SN 18.5" LCD - 6900 Altec Lansing BXR1120 2.0...
  3. Pathik

    Send RSS Feeds to Your Blog Readers via SMS

    Via: RSS feeds have traditionally been delivered using a RSS reader / browser or using email. But now, you can also send your Blog’s RSS feeds to subscribed users via SMS. This tutorial is specific to Indian users, but you...
  4. Pathik

    PayPal Verification

    Can we verify a PayPal account using a Axis Bank Debit card? Also do VCC's work anymore? And a friend of mine had problems verifying with a Axis Bank Gold Credit Card. Do they work?
  5. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Infra and others

    Happy Birthday to infra_red_dude, debiprasad_sahoo, saravanan_n (28), cool_boy4ua (26), shakti (24),
  6. Pathik

    Happy Birthday to Shantanu, Smit, Rockstar, Tarun and Vivek

    Happy Birthday to Rockstar11, Tarun Agrawal (23), shantanu (22), smit (18), Vivek14111990 (18)
  7. Pathik

    Happy birthday to Din uncle, power, bansalankit,chetanappu, szpak

    Happy birthday to Din uncle, power, bansalankit,chetanappu, szpak
  8. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Mehul uncle, torrent, jyotirupam, seoxpert

  9. Pathik

    Happy Birthday to fun2sh (21), phuchungbhutia (26), & others

    Happy Birthday fun2sh (21), phuchungbhutia (26), uday777 (23), gsgurdeep, NoasArcAngel (14) :D
  10. Pathik

    The new Lara Croft

    In her latest incarnation the new Lara Croft isn’t just a pretty face - as a former gymnastic representative for Great Britain, she’s now got the all action skills to match. Athletic and agile, 23 year old Alison Carroll from Croydon is set to be catapulted from her current job as a...
  11. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Preshit, sg, ironcross, deepu, prakhsr, king, kincriss

    @Preshit, hows the e90 doing?.
  12. Pathik

    Books for J2ME

    Suggest some good books for J2ME. Head First types preferable. And any idea when Head First ll come up with a J2ME book?
  13. Pathik

    Happy Birthday clmlbx, JohnephSi and others.

    Happy Birthday indrajit_pande (34), jabrouni1 (26), clmlbx (19), pcdagr8 (19), karthik2010 (19), JohnephSi (18 ), MUNAF AMIN (18 ) :D PS: Congrats, enticer :D
  14. Pathik

    Assembly and Microprocessors

    Which is the best book to learn this? Hows Douglas Hall?
  15. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Sreevirus and others.

  16. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Dark Star, Ajit mogale, mans bhavit, beauty55 and darekills4

    HB. Have a good day.
  17. Pathik

    Happy Birthday The_Devil_himself

    A member, The_Devil_himself / n00b / Ravi is celebrating his birthday today. But the loser entered it wrongly in his profile which is why I think there is no thread about it yet. So Happy Birthday, n00b.
  18. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Hansraj, TGPraveen and Prathvi Singh.

  19. Pathik

    Preity Zinta counting the Prize money after IPL

    ROFL!!! :D Taken from FE.
  20. Pathik

    Forum Theme Color changed

    To Maroonish? Looks much better now. Now only for the Ads.
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