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  1. techno_adi

    3G Tablets

    Hi, Please consider me novice when I ask the following question - Will a Tablet with 3G feature mean that I can make calls like a normal phone does? (I know for the fact that it will enable video calling in 3G enabled phones) Please help me answer that query. Also, I am interested in...
  2. techno_adi

    Which TV to Buy

    Hi, I have to purchase a TV,but am not sure which one to go for. Can you guys please help me make a decision. I use TVs mostly for watching Movies, occasionally connecting to PC & games. I have DTH connection in place. I am looking for something >=26 inch Should I go for a Monitor + TV Tuner...
  3. techno_adi

    External HDD vs. HDD Casing

    Hi People, I need to buy HDD. What should I go for: an External HDD (Western Digital 400-500 GB) or an Internal HDD(Which Brand?) + External Casing(Brand? Price?) Which is the "Best Buy"? Any Performance differences / points that help me decide from either of them? Also finally any pointers...
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