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    Is it possible to install new games on samsung GT-C3200 mobile?

    Hi, I have a Samsung GT-C3200 mobile phone which my 6 yr old kid wants to use for playing games. I had deleted all pre-installed games and so now I want to add couple of racing games. I download few smaller games (upto 150Kb jar file compatible with this model ) but when I try to install I get...
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    I need Tata Photon Plus Windows 7(64bit) EpiValley modem drivers

    Thanks guys, somehow I managed to install drivers from photon site itself. It is working fine now on Windows 7 (64bit).
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    I need Tata Photon Plus Windows 7(64bit) EpiValley modem drivers

    I upgraded my laptop OS to Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit version and my first disapointment was tata photon plus not working. My photon device has EpiValley modem whose drivers are not availbel on photon site. I googled but no luck. Does anyone know how to use tata photon plus on windows 7 64...
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    Lenovo ideapad Y510 display card failed

    Thanks Mithun for the info
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    Laptop for software developer with tight budget

    I plan to buy a laptop and following are my needs 1. To be used occasionally since I will be working on desktop, I need laptop for mobility purpose and will be used rarely. 2. I need 15 inch screen 3. Budget is tight, around Rs 22000 4. Processor p6000/i3 will be sufficient ( I...
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    Lenovo ideapad Y510 display card failed

    My lenovo ideapad Y510 display card failed:-( service engineer says motherboard need to be replaced and its not available. Does anyone have idea where can I get its motherboard or any other better option.
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    Indian Freelancer payment options

    thank you all..
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    Indian Freelancer payment options

    Hi, I plan to work as a freelancer for UK company. I will be working on their software project. I just googled and found receiving payments from foreign country is a risky business. RBI/FEMA/POLICE can harass etc. Does anyone have any idea on this? Please express your opinion :!:
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    Happy Ganesh

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    Is Gaming a Childish Activity? ( In India )

    Ya, Gaming is considered childish activity in India. I too often come across this insults, but I say since I work for a long time on computers, I play games for few minutes in between which helps me in relieving tension. Also I prefer gaming than watching movies, becoz gaming tunes ur brain:p...
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    Strange behaviour of two service providers

    Hi, I want to know why does this happen 1. When I try to access from BSNL broadband, browser gives message, site temporarily unavailable, where as at same time if i access same site from reliance, I dont get this problem. This problem is not with all sites, with FEW SITES ONLY...
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    I won ESET Security Suite FREE.

    Congrats :)
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    Ever cheated in ur exams....

    never copied
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    Best Software for these needs..??

    Hi, Windchimes, good profile picture, unknowngly i tried to remove this insect from my laptop... :)
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    Microsoft releases Vista Tweak Guide

    I use vista, & I dont find any problems in it, initially I had some difficulties in using it, but now everything works smoothly
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    Microsoft releases Vista Tweak Guide

    thanks for info
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    My Marriage Invitation!

    Hey - Hearty Congrats Wish you a very happy married life.
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    Which Four Wheeler to Buy ???

    new maruti swift
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