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  1. nithinks

    Add right-click context menu entry for shutdown from desktop

    Original Tutorial : Add right-click context menu entry for shutdown from desktop | My Tech Yard How about having a Right Click menu to shut down ? After a lot of trial and errors , I was able to find this. This tutorial explains you how you can change registry entries to create a new right...
  2. nithinks

    Change order of context menu items in windows

    Source : MyTechYard- Computer tips, tricks, technology news, tutorials, game reviews Context menu can also be called as right-click menus . Context menu has different actions , listed in a particular order . The options available depend upon the file type and the installed applications for the...
  3. nithinks

    Complete Tutorial : Host your own blog / website

    Source : Host your own blog , website | My Tech Yard After many days , I got some time to write this featured article about hosting your own blog or a website. Most of the people think its very complicated, actually its not , here I will explain how you can achieve the same! First, you...
  4. nithinks

    Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet

    Source : Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet | My Tech Yard Provided you have a laptop, and the internet connection to it via LAN, you can use the laptop as the Wi-Fi router. This can be achieved by doing simple network configuration. - Go to Control Panel->Network and Sharing...
  5. nithinks

    Youtube to Mobile – convert video in easy steps

    Source : Hope this writeup helps many guys who are crazy watching videos over the web and in the mobile! Before you guys start, make sure that you have following softwares installed in your system - KLite...
  6. nithinks

    Broadband download monitor – easy tool to monitor download

    Source : Many of us use broadband schemes provided by ISP s, with the download limit. Many people are confused with the term “download” thinking that the term refers to the file downloads you do...
  7. nithinks

    My Gmail account got hacked

    Hi , Somebody stolen my gmail account, All chat history, contact list got deleted. Can someone inform me regarding the recovery of the same.. Thanks
  8. nithinks

    Urgent:Pen Drive Currupted

    Hi, I have Transcend JetFlash 4GB pen drive, Today when I plugged in, there was "0 bytes" of total available space and the file format was unknown. I tried to format the drive, but no use. I tried with the recovery software supplied by transcend, but it did not work. When I try to create...
  9. nithinks

    Importance of Grounding for Laptops

    Hi, Recently I bought one laptop.. but when I tried connecting it, I noticed that the A/C power socket was not properly grounded.. I just want to know how this could effect the laptop. And whats the possible solution. Thanks
  10. nithinks

    PC Hangs after 15 Mins

    Hi All, My desktop PC(Pentium 3, 256MB memory, 3.2GB free space in C) hangs exactly after 15 minutes after the booting. the time depends upon the application you run, for example if I run photoshop, it gets stuck after 7 minutes. Please update me with the root cause for this problem and...
  11. nithinks

    Gaming PC < 35 K

    Hi all, Can someone suggest me a Gaming PC within the budget of 35 K? Some of my requirements are -Should have at least 256MB of video memory. -100+ GB of HDD Thanks a lot
  12. nithinks

    Increase earphone volume in N72

    Hello members, Can anyone tell me how I can increase the volume of earphone? It is too low even if I set the volume to max.Should I change the file format from .mp3 to something else like .aac ? Thanks
  13. nithinks

    Suggest me a mobile < 11K

    Hi folks, Can anyone suggest me a mobile below 11k range..?
  14. nithinks

    Problem in VistaVG Black theme for XP

    Hello members, When I click on drop down button inside any folder it will look like this Then It will be proper..(Only that "open" animation is not working properly) Is it the same case with other users of this theme? If so ,Vishal, Please try to fix this problem.
  15. nithinks

    Help needed for my Tutorial

    I am planning to write one more video tutorial. For which I need Two video clips(10sec each). First, A person sitting on left corner of sofa with dark colored shirt and pant. And Second, Same person sitting on the right side of that sofa with dark colored shirt and pant (different color)...
  16. nithinks

    [URGENT]Connecting Two Computers

    Hello members, I have two computers running windows XP,I want to transfer files from one to another, how can I connect these computers using a LAN cable? thanks
  17. nithinks

    Replacing Background of a Video

    You might have seen Movies in Hollywood especially those which contain graphics, are shot using only blue screens in the background and then these blue screens are replaced by backgrounds of warground,sea,nature, forests etc. You can easily create these kinds of visual effects in...
  18. nithinks

    Blogging in Word 2007 -Uploading Images

    Hello members, When we configure Word 2007 for blogger, Inorder to upload images, it asks Upload URL Source URL what are these things? I have registered for flickr and i am unable to find these URLs . check this Shot at 1969-12-31
  19. nithinks

    RENTACODER Bidding Tips....

    Hello members, Two months ago i registered for and from the past 21 days I am placing bidds on several projects.But all of them got rejected ,I know that this forum has several members who earn considerable amount in rentacoder, so can you people give me some tips on bidding...
  20. nithinks

    What is going on ...?

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