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    Aircrack not working in kali linux 2.0

    I recently installed kali linux and use it for wireless penetration testing. Though the older one worked correctly, I upgraded so that I can get updated tools. But now aircrack suite is not working correctly, I can only capture -1.cap file and aircrack exits showing password not found. It only...
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    Lenovo Y500 FHD linux issue..

    I have a lenovo y500 FHD . It is currently running windows 8 but despite my numerous efforts I cannot run linux smoothly on it . It is really frustrating that all my friends are running linux distros for educational purposes but it looks tiny or blurry on my Laptop . I tried xrandr to force...
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    y500 hdd and keyboard replacement.

    Keyboard of my lenovo y500 has been through rough usage and some of keys have surrendered . I want to ask that will I have to replace whole keyboard or only the keys which are not working. Also please tell me how much this is gonna cost me. Also please tell me which 128gb ssd i can use to...
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    Want to buy new Windows phone .

    1. Budget- 15000 2. Display type and size- 4.3 inch or more. 3. Dual sim- would be better. 4. Preferred choice of brand - Any. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)- No. 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc)- Windows Phone. 7. Preferred...
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    good desktop within 30000

    I want to make a pc without monitor and with amd cpu and 16 gigs of ram, 64 gigs ssd, good cabinet, no gpu. Can we make it. Plz try to reduce cost as well as giving good performance. 16 gb ram is a must also is the ssd. Suggest best config. Thank you! 1. What is the purpose of the computer...
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    tablet for 19k rupees

    I am confused between dell venue 8 and kindle fire 8.9. Main use is games amd watching movies amd hd shows in bed.
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