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    need a solution

    Hi guys i have unlimited bsnl dsl connection with class 2 wifi router which i keep in bridge mode to connect to net .now the problem is if i have to use same connection on my mobile or tablet i have put it the router on PPPoE mode , on which i dont get any...
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    hard disk problem

    I dont what happen to both 80 gb and 40 hard disk, window xp was installed on 80 gb disk its partioned into 20*6 parts and windows xp was installed on the disk of 80 gb . now my system is not booting any more and if i try to install window xp again the disk are shown as unallocated disks...
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    which dth to choose

    hi guys i like watching epl matches but my cable guy doesnt provide espn star sports so i decided to go for tata sky with my own preferred "set of channels " worth Rs 150 thats minimum .is there any cheap alternative for me my main preference is sports.
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    nokia pc suite

    hi guys i dont know if this is the right place to put this question here. I want to know when was the last time digit provide nokia pc suite in their dvds,i really need it urgently .thankx for any help
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    wierd mouse problem

    I dont where to put this question so i am putting it here some time when i boot my system (windows xp sp2 professional) my mouse just freezes and then i have to restart the system then it starts working normally . Ihave change the mouse but problem is keep happening . thanx
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    adult pop up problems

    hi guys i have a dell lappy with windoe vista home basic , i went for a few days out of station and for that time i gave my lappy to my friend he uses it for surfing adult sites now got my lappy back when ever i connect to net i get irritating adult pop ups , i firefox spybot search n destroy...
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    bsnl bb lan problem

    guys i have bsnl bb, in morning most times lan connects with either limited connectivity or the icon showing lan connectivity shows x sign , after 12pm lan connects most time the problem occurs in morning ,i called bsnl cc many times they manually configured my ip add then lan does connect but...
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    recovering gmail pass

    Hello guys I had an email act with gmail whose pass i forget and also the alternate email add and the answer of the security question, but i have an other act with gmail and the answer to the security question is same with the act whose pass i forget ,is there any software where i can just...
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    dialing bsnl bb from 2 pcs

    is it possible to dial bsnl unlimited dsl home plan from 2 different places simultaneously , (becz when i try to do that i get username or password not valid on the domain but when only one system dial either one of us it connect) plz tell me how to connect bsnl dsl from 2 places .
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    files on camera not showing on lappy

    I have camera with 2 gb card the files on card is not showing on my laptop. my laptop is pre installed with vista home mcafee trial version whose time has expired . The Dcim folder on camera is copied to my lappy but still the files on this folder is not showing on my lappy. i have check the...
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    need a lappy in range 30 35k

    need a lappy with c2d god speed 2 gb 250 hdd n a gfx card plz some information
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    need some advice

    my friend need to buy a system for himself budget is 25k. i have already selected this hardware component need advice on others procy c2d E2180 mother bd abit IP35 E off limits hdd seagate 250gb ram 2 gb transcend 800 mhz writer lg h 55n need suggestion on...
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    any good wallpaper site

    hi guys i used to download wallpapers from a site which is now closed so do you guys really know a good site to download international and national female celebraties wallpapers and also for sports. I know only about santabanta.
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    need help

    I have installed fedora core , i already have windows xp on c drive now whenever i start my system it gives me a screen where i have to hit a key to reach another screen where i can select which os i want to boot. but is it possible that instead of first screen i get the second screan where i...
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    help needed guys

    I have windows xp with sp2 whenever i tried to enable show hidden files in folder option it resets itself to do not show hidden files and it doesnt shoew hidden files and i want to edit boot.ini i am able to open it but it is not allowing me to edit it.
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    how to remove links to programs which run on startup from msconfig

    how to remove links to programs which run on startup from msconfig. there are lot of links even to program which i even uninstalled. help needed guys thanx is advance.
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    speakers are not working properly

    my speakers are not working properly. In the morning my speakers volume output is more now even if increase the volume to full i dont get the volume of half level that i was getting in the morning. need help
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    sorting passwords in firefox

    hi guys i have a problem sometime you register at website and let firefox remember pass for you and then by mistake you manually type a wrong pass i have a lot password save . so here is the problem can is it possible to sort you passwords alphabetically using site names.
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    cd to pcm ripper

    hi guys is there any freeware to rip audio cd to pcm or is there any on digit dvd or cd. if there is allready any thread on this i am sorry. thanx
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    firefox problem

    hi guys recently firefox hangs a lot in my system and start using 100 % cpu, currently i am using this extensions fasterfox,flashgot,pdfdownload,skype extension,adblock,tab mix pix . plz help needed to fix this problem and i have 512 mg ram
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