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    Hi guys second edition of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE to be played in south africa from 18 april. If you have any favourite team you are invited to take part in poll (above) and if you like please also share reason of your choice. My team- DELHI DAREDEVILS reason- most balanced team and have some...
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    power up..!!

    Corsair CMPSU-450VX for 3.8k(almost)
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    :::++ Please Help I Want To Buy A New Dvd Writer +++:::

    for IDE drive samsung SH-S202 20x at 1.1k is the option. though i am not update about IDE drives.
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    Intel E7300

    YOU CAN GET E7400 in 6K E7300 -5.6K
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    :::++ Please Help I Want To Buy A New Dvd Writer +++:::

    samsung SH-S223F 22X is one of the best at 1.1K
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    system upgrade

    thanks to topgear, desibond and Shloeb for your suggestion. i have bought following - core2duo e8400 g.skill 2+2gb 800mhz 4-4-4-12 sunbeam corecontact freezer 120mm:D gigabyte p45 ds3l other addition- samsung dvd writer 22x sunbeam ccfl tube and now my all problems are...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Yesterday received from lynx e8400- 8550 + 4% vat gigabyte ep45 ds3l- 6835+ vat gskill 2+2 gb- 4199 +vat samsung dvd wr. -1137 +vat sunbeam ccf-2390 +vat sunbeam ccfl tube- 250+vat
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    Suggestions required for upgrade blues !

    it was on my brothers sys. under warranty so replaced, since then working fine.
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    Suggestions required for upgrade blues !

    but in my personl experiance extreme series is not much reliable.
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    Need suggestion for GFX card, PSU and CPU cooler

    get Core-Contact Freezer 120mm CPU- 2K only if you really want to oc
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    Best mobo+processor+Mem Under 10K

    intel core 2 duo e7300 -5,300/- Gigabyte G31 motherboard - 2,500/- Transcend or kingston 4GB (2+2) DDR2 800MHz RAM-2,500/-
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    Which Graphics CARD is better???

    go for palit best value for money 1gb version of these cards will give only little advantage over 512mb version.
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    Suggestions required for upgrade blues !

    you can also get it from here if cant find locally
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    Suggestions required for upgrade blues !

    ^^ Corsair CMPSU-450VX or Antec EA-650-Sli will be much better psu considering future upgradibility.
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