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  • Then DP Z5 vs CM TF-400.
    Which one?
    Even in one review I read that Z5 provides better results than Z3 and Z9.
    I got a reply to my email in the afternoon and they asked me to send the Switch in to their Mumbai address for a replacement. Would that be a wise thing to do? I do not have any case ID or RMA registration number. What will I do if they never send a replacement? I had no idea TP-Link operates in such a shoddy manner. Their helpline number for India is non-functional too. Any major international brand ought to have a clear cut streamlined procedure on their website to carry out RMA.
    The link pretty much confirms what I said. I had no choice but to go for Standard RMA. Good thing is the courier pickup option is still there. Hopefully they will show up with the replacement drive first like they did 3 years ago :D

    I need to RMA my TP-Link Gigabit switch as well, one of the ports not working. This company doesn't even have an RMA registration page or any service center list on their site. What else can you expect from some Chinese company? I guess I need to call them up and see how to get a replacement.
    Is WD still offering advance RMA in India? I have a failing green drive with just 1 month left on the warranty. Registered on their website and when I started the RMA procedure, it says that Advance RMA is only available for USA, Canada and EU customers. Not sure if its a recent policy change but as usual we Indians always get shafted by the big companies it seems.
    Hey , Seems that Kepler card really holds something good under the hood. They have overclocked pretty well .
    Have posted some practical results in the GPU O'erclockng thread. Have a look at those :) [ 650Mhz base to 890Mhz O'ckled....for a laptop GPU with good stability.!!! ]
    thanks Bro.! I got myself this @48.5k , "Acer aspire v3 571g 73614g50makk " .
    It has Ivy Bridge I7 3610QM + GT640m and has good looks. For me it was like a steal. I was going for Lenevo Z500 @49k , but saved 500bucks and got this one with 3years onsite warranty with some freebies and an acer bag.

    Appreciate your suggestion.
    Thanks. :)
    Thanks. I will try to get a Core i7 , since future games will need >2 cores.
    Q.Was wondering whether the A10-4600m behaves as a quad-core CPU while gaming [even though , it is not an actual quad-core design.] ????

    Just out of curiosity : Since GT 645m is a factory overclocked version of 640m. So I was wondering whether it is possible to overclock the GT640m to match the frequency of GT645m ??
    They both have the same hardware , right ?
    Please help me with this .
    Ivy Bridge core i7QM + GT 640m vs Ivy Bridge Core i5 + GT645m .
    Which will be winner in pure gaming performance , specially frame rates considering FPS games as priority.?

    I am stuck in the dilemma of choosing I7 against I5 for an extra expense of 5-6k bucks.
    Is that justified for pure gaming ?? As such I don't need Core I7 for non-gaming apps.

    In short my question is : "How much difference will a quad-core I7 will have against a Dual-Core Ivy bridge i5 in gaming even if they have same GPU " ??

    Thanks .
    I am unable to install linux anyway. Plz check my latest thread that I have created regarding it. So, could it be a processor problem?
    Got it.
    Strange though, OP doesnt know his mobo well enough. I mean its like me posting my mobo as p8z77v-pro instead of m-pro :razz:
    Need a little help ,
    I am getting BSOD consistently while Booting Win7 on my Notebok.

    Its HP DM1 , dual boot with WIn7 Ultimate and WIn8 consumer preview.

    Win8 boots up fine w/o any issues.However while booting Win7 , most of the times the system restarts just before loading the WIn7 startup screen , and display a BSOD. It loads the OS once in a while.

    ANy possible suggestion/fixes for this ??

    THe Keys for Video Converter Pro are available now once again as GiveAway (WonderShare).
    Grab them . :p
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