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  • thik ase. jodi si nuare moi download kori dibo paru cause connection dia manuh janar nitsoi username manat nathakibo.
    moi call maribo lagibo BSNL connection dia mauh janak. at least tenekua gala akhar moi buji napau. mane tumi atao iOS software download kora nai?
    no the solution was complex... so I cleared other programs from my system drive and downloaded the new game in it only.... :D
    ya thanks. but i'll count progress in how much i was helpful to others rather than how many 0's i have been able to add to my post count :smile:
    Hi all!!!!!

    I am new to this forum. I am going to join an MBA course shortly and I need to buy a laptop under 55k. I have shortlisted the following:

    1) HP DV6-6017TX
    2) HP DV6-6121TX
    3) Lenovo Y570p
    4) Dell XPS 15

    I want an i7 2nd gen. processor, minimum 500GB of hard drive, minimum 4GB of RAM, a decent graphics card like the one in lenovo Y570p (Nvidia GT 555M), a 15" screen and good sound. I play games lke COD-BO, GRID, NFS-HP, Shift2, Assassin's Creed, etc.

    Please help me out as I am going to buy in the second week of July,2011. Also I have another question. Is the Lenovo Y570p available in India or not? The lenovo website does not have updated models (2nd gen.). If not, when I can expect to have Lenovo i7 2nd gen. in India. The USA website of Lenovo has updated models with very attractive price range. And I personally fell in love with the Lenovo Y570p.
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