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  • lol.
    H for HSPA+(Evolved HSPA)~7.2mbps
    3 for 3G/HSPA=(HSDPA+HSUPA)~3.1 mbps.(Hogh Speed Downlink/Uplink Packet Access).:)
    I generally use 2G 2GB Data Pack on Phone thrice a month atleast.
    Been looking around to have 3G Speed on 2G Plan.Even asked Sam.
    Got lucky one day and now i am getting 500Kb/s avg on 2G Plans.:mrgreen:
    for 2G Data Balance *123*10#
    For 3G Data Balance *123*11# / *123*12#.
    Will check Matte;)
    The Game is nice.
    GFX are very nice in DX11 Mode.

    The Rally Races never feels boring even those 8Lap races.

    Weather effects and Day night cycle surrreal.

    The Gymkhana Stunt and Trick challenge are Tricky and takes time To Master.

    The Menu is one of the Coolest UI in any game.

    Enjoyable and Realistic.:)
    Played Dirt 3.?
    Must Try.
    Currently Playing.Paused.Will continue on weekend.Out of town now.:-(
    You asked about Real time FPS viewer in games.Right??!;)

    Use MSI Afterburner Display Overlays.Its actually Riva tuner based Screen Server Utility.You can even record screens with that without much performance Hit unlike FRAPS or PlayClaw.It cant record sounds though.BTW Even FRAPS has that inbuilt but it really Sucks.
    uninstall old drivers completely, download new 12.4 ones from AMD site, and then reinstall.
    HD6950 2GB performs somewhat better than the HD7850, the reason being driver optimizations. HD7850 is assumed to perform even better with time, as more driver updates are rolled out :)
    Yes, at Hardcore quality at 1080p, the game does take a toll on the Card. Remember, HD7850 is basically a top model of mid range series of cards. So don't expect it to perform like a beast. :)
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