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  • 1. 32bit = 3.25Gb usable
    2. maybe cause of the change in system configuration. mainly drivers.

    BTW congrats for new PC.
    Hmm....don't know why i am getting these higher speeds.will see for how many days it will last.
    actually i am using 650UL plan and its sped is 500Kbps but from two days i am getting a speed of 1Mbps.so are you feeling the same?
    My exam was today (chemistry) just came
    btw English tommorrow no gap ................who wants.........
    i will not be buying it.... gonna buy memory card and some more stuff for my mobile so no pocket money left...
    No, it won't. just select custom, give a size like 99999999999. And it will backup as a single file along with some small files. Total 5 files I guess.
    1) Download game
    2) Backup
    3) Format
    4) Install Steam
    5) Login
    6) Restore Game
    7) Play
    8) If any updates were made, backup a fresh copy.
    9) Continue from 3)

    Hope its clear. Or better, just make a image of your C:\ drive with a software like Macrium Reflect. Will save you hassles of reinstalling OS again.
    As I have said, going to the Steam's Backup & Restore. And save the backup to some external or internal HDD.
    After the game is installed make a backup of the game via Steam's Backup & Restore feature. Next time, just restore the game. ;)
    LOL i slept 8 hours woke up at 7 from 7 to till now i m on computer...now what to do over 12 lessons in physics.how to prepare?
    cause 2X2Gb cost more and most he won't be able to sell it later? why don't you buy it from flipkart with cash on delivery?
    if you have DDR2, you may find good value for those. but processor won't fetch any value. only motherboard & ram.
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