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  • Ya its good...very responsive(till the batteries remain strong ;) )....Lightweight...Initially,it was a little difficult to fly,but once u get the hang of it,its deceptively easy(and did I mention,addictive? :twisted: )

    And btw,isnt it "chopper"??
    to gift my gf as a Christmas gift. Proccy+mobo. She still uses her old & backdated Q8400. :-(
    i7-2600K is still 14.8K @vedant. Just now they told me this over the phone!!!
    Collecting one tomorrow for any future build!
    its very old... :p

    Record breaking news:One million Idea connections sold in just 3 days due to a simple printing mistake of only a single word in the slogan,"An idea can change your wife."
    dekhlam E te akta post korecho.rashi sudhu 1 yr warranty day,tai invoice thakleo lav nei.sond card khub akta kharap hay na.......nie nite paro.
    Create a new account, and from there, report your previous account. FB will either recover that for you or delete it after you give sufficient proof. :)
    So, you deleted that account? cause, I can't see that account. Happens for two reasons: either your account is deleted or my account is blocked from your end. My bad. I thought the second one. When your account got hacked, check your PC for key-loggers, cause most of the time, they are responsible for hacking. And I think you don't use any router, or all ports are open in your router right?
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