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    pc to fax

    thanks rishimittal but i guess there must be more such sites does anyone knows?
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    Sex before marriage....

    there no harm so no problem in sex before marriage
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    My new sony DVD DRU 190A 20X takes 1hr 15min to write 1DVD??????

    then there is a problem with the writer just replace it and see
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    pc to fax

    can anyone help me I want to send a page as a fax to my agent in dubai.I have BSNL Dataone connection and the agents fax number.Is it possible to send him a fax from my pc using internet ??? if anyone knows then pls tell me how ?
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    Help me buy a new modem

    Hi Friends I have a Bsnl Dataone broadband (HOME 500)connection with UT300R2U ADSL modem supplied by bsnl on rent.Now the problem is i have 2 computers in home and with this stupid modem with just one Lan Port it isn't possible to Connect both computers at the same time therefore I want to...
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    catch free rapidshare premium account

    This is absolutely crap.if anyone has a free rapidshare a/c then please send it to :::: optunica@yahoo.com
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    Dataone Automation (The Comprehensive Guide)

    simply not rq for those on unlimited as i am
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    Listen & Record online radio in WMP/Winamp

    Guys use iradio its a very cool soft for listeing live radio.
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    TUTORIAL: List of Files to be hacked using Resource Hacker!

    ya man pls post the details
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    Linux & Windows

    Pls take time to answer this I have two computers at home one have Red Hat Linux 7.1 Installed and the other have WinXP (SP2)Installed.Both are Networked over LAN.Now I want the user of WIN XP machine to connect to the machine running Linux (& vice versa) as a User and run all the...
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    compro in kolkata

    Thanks for the info naveenpoddar i will definitely contact Mehta Impex.
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    4 Year Old Problem

    Thanks guys I guess Now I have to go for New Sys. So Please suggest me a Config with the lowest possible Budget. Its Because I will be using this PC only for Surfing Web and Downloading Stuffs form Internet.(This is the Only reason I wanted to get my P3 machine running again).So Pls Suggest me...
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