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  • My rank or college rank ? :razz:

    Additionally, the placements were better in blore then than in bbsr.
    I havent asked them anything like that yet.
    The price and time are very uncertain in these matters. You could ask them and check if they can arrange it for you.
    I have bought the parts for my last few systems from them including a few routers,modems, laptops, etc etc. So that builds a good rapport. Later on I didn't bother visiting other shops for quotes. I check a product for availability from the distributors(names provided by nigam) and inform nigam about the same. They get the item and set a reasonable price for it. If they dont have it, i buy it from kolkata or online.
    I dont have the bills/prices since I moved to kolkata.
    proc was around 16.5k or so in nigam. I paid using the credit note + cash. Next quote was around 18k.
    Since the proc price was higher than the credit note, they didnt say anything.
    I bought the i7 2600k from nigam.
    credit note is issued to whichever dealer sold that piece. I didnt ask if that could be changed because nigam suits me better.
    Currently it is not available with them but they'll call me back after some time.
    Happy New Year to You bro. I'll call today and verify. Saturday, I called them but the MSI model was out of stock and they asked me to call Monday.
    The Gigabyte HD 7770 card listed in SMC is a very good card. But you need to check the after-sales service of Gigabyte in Bhubaneswar. On the other hand MSI offers excellent after sales service here. If you want I can check with Vedant, Kolkata about the price of the MSI card over there.
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