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  • So, if i cant get GAMMA should i go for this cabby. I also cannot order online. So, whats ur suggestion. Also name the shop from where u purchased.
    By the way, Will NZXT be available here.
    And also will Corsair and FSP PSU be available here.
    almost 1.3 Years back I've purchased my Cabinet @ 2K in BBSR without the SMPS. The price may be lower now. Ya it is a very good cabinet compared to its price and has good cooling solution.
    Dude Sandybridge hasn't been widely available yet.I dunno the cost of CPU,MoBo & HDD available in BBSR market now.I can tell you abt RAM prices since I just bought my RAM a couple of weeks bk.Zion will cost you around 3-3.1k at Ashirbaad Computers, Tanisha e-World & SA Infosys.They hv other brands like Dynet & some other unknown c/o.But its better to avoid those.Actually my advice wud b to order online like I did.Since all these shops were selling the RAMs at very high price(almost triple the on9 prices) I ordered my Corsair RAM from theitwares & u get Corsair.Shops here dun even hv Corsair RAMs.You might hv to buy the PSU online too since most of these shops hv Zebronics or el cheapo ones.Some of the shops do hv CM extreme series which is to b avoided at all cost.I bought Zebronics Fantasy(cabinet) frm Ashirbaad.You can try there as well as Tanisha e-World as ordering a cabinet on9 will b DAMN expensive.Oh & FYI 4get abt CM/NZXT cabinets.
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