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  • This is like this Post - after that some sleeping - post again and log out - study and doing other daily stuffs ;-)
    Then go with fsp saga II 500. Its great. But just make sure you don't use a bottom mounted psu cabinet.
    Vx is definitely lot better. But it isn't available here yet right. So you have to order it online.

    But cx600 is better than fsp saga II 500. It can handle a gtx 560 and 6950 easily. They are not like their vx, tx, hx and ax counterparts but lot better than generic psu's including coolermaster extreme series and also their gx series.

    Try looking at corsairs GS series too. Ask aditya infotech.
    Actually lots of shops in bbsr deal western digital. They are available in abundance. Check saheed nagar hotel meghdoot area.
    CX 600 @ 4k looks sweet man. Grab it. You can easily run a gtx 560 or 6950 with it.

    Maybe this week or the next i will make my purchase.
    Well then go for cx430 or fsp saga II, whichever has more warranty.

    Fsp saga II 500 sounds good. Why not get the corsair vx450. Ask them about it.

    No idea of sandybridge in cuttack. If its in bbsr, it should be in cuttack.
    I have transcend rams and yes they have replacement warranty. I will get new rams but they will take more than a month to arrive. Corsair is way better than zion.

    Get the cx 430. Fsp is also equally good. But all are below cx400. Tell them to give you cx400.
    Well you don't find a corsair in cuttack.:lol: I said earlier that my rams are toast due to high voltage. I have sent that for RMA but it will take longer than a month. So will buy corsair rams and sell the old rams when they arrive.

    I guess fsp saga comes with a 2 year warranty. At best 3 years.
    Yeah i asked. They quoted the same price. Its 2.2k in kolkata. Guess i will do a bit of bargaining.
    Yeah man please give me their nos. I really need to buy corsair rams. My ram are kaput and have gone for rma. Please give asap buddy.
    They deal zion rams, sparkle(nvidia only) graphics cards, coolermaster cabinets and power supply.

    No, they don't deal corsair or fsp and you won't find them in orissa either due to lack of distributors. Only way is to get from Kolkata or order online.
    Corsair CX400 is the best under 2500. And Corsair CX400 is better than CX430. Get CX400 from PrimeABGB.com.

    Lastly, Gigabyte Superb 460w is actually a FSP Saga II 400w OEM.

    FSP manufactures it and Gigabyte markets it and sells it.

    Even Corsair doesn't make their own PSUs. It is Seasonic which makes most of Corsair's best PSUs. Seasonic is also the OEM for Antec. Antec is another excellent PSU brand.
    I've merged your thread into a thread which I had previously created for Llano.
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