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  • Actually as per my travel guidelines, i can get 10% of Tax rebate on whatever i buy within my baggage & buying limits.

    Generally shopkeepers/online charges here in germany or in USA are including the VAT, but i will receive the tax rebate from the Airport Authority at germany or at France, while flying back.
    150 euros.....

    But there are two other models also.

    Monster Jamz : 80 Euros.

    Monster Turbine : 120 Euros [confirmed]

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold : 200 or somewhere near 230 [not sure].

    Its been a long time, i didn't visit the IEM section. Hmm let see.

    Probably check the prices in below sites after translating them using Google Translate.

    1). www.guenstiger.de [Online site, helps to find cheapest price the product & the local store name]
    2). mediamarkt.de [Pathetic Prices]
    3). saturn.de [ok.ok, but still higher]
    its not about sueing.. You forgot, good. I don't want to remind you then. ;)
    Enjoy mate!!
    But I deleted your previous message as according to me that message sounded offending to digit forum..
    lol, why this type of question? Do you think that my posts sounds dumb everytime? (I know sometimes it does)
    In the beginning, I started gaining knowledge in hardware field from this forum as an unregistered user 6-7 months ago.. So, when registered, keep posting regularly as a tribute. :)
    Your PC fine now? Coz I saw your sig is back to normal ;)

    BTW All fans came with your cabinet or you purchased some separately?
    Dude, is your PC fine now ??? Whats the status ??? I thought of replying, as the issue seems pretty serious, but thread seems to be closed.
    Add 10$ to shipping. Best to buy from official store as the warranty is for 3 years.
    Welcome Back From Journey, They Don't Have Any Info regarding restocking of m10 but they're selling m12 for 7.5k.
    Np bro..have a nice vacation m8 :)..If possbile send me ur calibration settings u have adjusted for ur monitor U2311H to my mail id
    sammouse36@yahoo.com ..
    Bon Voyage(Happy Journey)
    Lo m8,i need help in how u tweaked ur monitor settings for Dell U2311H,in another 1 hour i am going to purchase this... u can send me a mail to my id ( sammouse36@yahoo.com ) ..Thanks for ur help so far...
    According to this site new shipment for M10 is due in September 2011:

    M12 @ 7.5K is not successor to M10; M10 is for pure music whereas M12 is for gaming. I will contact pro-media & will tell you will there will be new M10 Black or not.
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