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    Internet disconnecting very frequently Just do this
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    Official Windows 11 Thread try this
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    September 2021 Feedback thread

    I am a subscriber since 2007/08 . I found the magazine in a newsstand and started reading it on my journey . I wasn't much of a reader back then . I was fret that I was about to complete the magazine . I kept rereading the magazine until my subconscious mind signalled me "You're all caught up" ...
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    September 2021 Feedback thread

    Can we know who qualified for this months prize ....
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    Need help writing a smart contract - Solidity

    Here is the contract details : Please help . thanks
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Any good prime video movie suggestions ?
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    You guys use antivirus?
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    Programmers of Digit Mag Readers... How did you get into coding ?

    Im a Computer Science Student currently in my 3rd Year . What made you not to give up on coding / what mentality did you adopt while trying to learn ? I cant really sit and learn coding for some reason . Im good at problem solving skills , but starting is always the hardest part for me in...
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    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    Its true . You are doing more damage to your phone's life by frequently turning it on and off . Same goes for router , PCs , Refrigerators and almost all electronics . Sleep Mode > Shut Down .
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    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    Nope . I deleted some shady apps like VIVO Store , Calendar , Notes , Chinese Keyboard ... Bla Bla .. I experienced the same issue with SONY XPERIA E Long time ago . So I concluded that , Stock Android > Bloatware UI .
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    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    Very True . The very reason I prefer pure android over bloated OS . Some people have been recommending to delete the system apps using ADB . I tried that in my VIVO phone , to my surprise my phone performance actually got slower than it should instead have become faster . You can always find...
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    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    You shouldn't shutdown your phone at night , try putting it on to Do Not Disturb Mode . If youre thinking that the phone needs rest as our body :) , youre wrong .Turning your phone on and off every day will result in wear and tear of the phone parts and motherboard .Most of the electronics like...
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    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    IMO Motorola is way better than Realme . 1)Realme is far away from pure android and is bloated with unnecessary applications . 2)Motorola has a huge support for custom ROMs , meaning you can get the missing features by flashing a custom ROM . And you'll be surprised with the features you can...
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Close to You - Dayglow
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    What to do with partially damaged laptop

    Consider donating to some needy student ? It would be very useful to someone especially now . I mean , you can use it as a media center or load up your hard drive , which is a pain in the ass . But I dont see any actual use . If you really can do something you must have figured it out already...
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