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    so, how many of you used the windows media player 11

    WMP11 is cool ..I 'm quite happy with it .
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    Diskman Vs mp3 player

    Neither Discmans are dead nor Mp3 players or HDD player are bad . First of all i have D-NE900 ,NW-HD3 ,NW-HD5 ,NW-E505,MZ-DH10P.I use my Discman only for audio cd`s now otherwise i use my hard disk player .
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    PSP Games in PC

    may i know how will you use UMD in pc ??
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    PlayStation 3 May Face Downgrades ,Sony May Lower Specs of PlayStation 3

    from http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/multimedia/display/20060612160823.html
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    Pirated----To---->Genuine Windows Xp

    Hey ,It will not matter b`co your key is legal (original [Not used on any other computer ]) Like i have one copy(Original Win Xp ) & three backups incase original is damaged .I do sometme install my windos rom back-up copy with legal key & all went fine ..Do worry, install it Also don`t...
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    Windows Vista Beta 2 Public Download Available Now!

    So you spend Rs 700 for the Beta version only huh
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    [By Demand] Digit July 2006 DVD/CD

    If Possible Please include WinodwS Vista Beta 2 edition ..
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    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    They can do it if they give one more Dvd with a special issue & charge us Rs25 more
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    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    Also Dvd will cost Rs 700.I don`t want to spend RS 700 for beta only .
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    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    It seems that servers are too busy .
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    Anyone from Bangalore, where can I buy Panasonic Cameras?

    Hey ,Why did you send PM to me ?? I `m not from Bangalore If somebody wants to help you he/she will definately reply in this thread .No need to send PM to everyone .
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    How many Games have you completed?

    I use to purchase original games but now i purchase pirated .Now i`m using that money to buy gadgets :D .
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    Which Countries Have Lowest Hardware Prices???

    USA =United States of America
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    Rahul Mahajan

    Only forensic reports can tell that . Also as usual Police was Sleeping before this case .Now suddenly raids all over Delhi in Pubs or places where drugs is consumed .They already know that Nigerians are engaged in Drug supplying in India .So they shoud keep an eye on these Nigerians . As...
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    Which mobile are you Using ??
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