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  • i asked star computers today, he said Athlon II X3 is available for 7.5k lol

    i will buy one from ebay.in X(
    AMD athlon has to ordered at Star computers in shahi market.
    else order off flipkart.com
    my bro's ps3 isn't jailbroken
    we buy games from the sony near mall.
    else we order them off flipkart or ebay.
    hi bro, i'm from gorakhpur too :D

    can u tell me from where i can get AMD athlon II X3/X4 processor with AM3+ motherboard?? i have tried few shops in shahi market but unable to find one.

    and from where u are getting PS3 games?? i have jailbroken PS3 and modded xbox. i have to get the games from delhi :(
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