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  • Hi buddy :-D

    Sorry for the late reply, kinda busy in exams

    The 3g thing is long term concept i.e. if you gonna use this mobile for more than 1 year. 3g is going to be mainstream in next 1 year (that's what I think).
    3g is great but current data plans are not. They are freakin' pricy. I hope they will be more budget friendly after sometime.

    So if you gonna use this phone for like more than 1 year than increase your budget, its worth it.

    Retailer is right about 3g but wrong about samsung and nokia comparison. Nokia was better than samsung, but its history now. Samsung battery life is nice and most of all it provide the USB charging, which IMO is life saver.

    Of all the phone he suggested cedar is best. Other samsung phones are 3g UMTS (385 kbps) but cedar is 3g HSDPA (7.2 mbps). 3g phones without HSDPA are no better than 2g phones with EDGE. I think you got my point :)
    Well thanx :-D

    Its metro s3310, the bar shaped phone.

    Nokia or samsung? it does not make any difference as your sole purpose is pc internet (or we can say EDGE technology of phone). Every phone has same EDGE tech (but even then I suggest to stay away from indo-chinese phones)

    There is no point of investing 2k bucks more just to get another phone with same modem/connection speed, it would be better to buy a 3g phone. So no for nokia x2, (BTW this phone is just for show off)

    For now stick with any of those two I suggested. Though I recommend samsung one.
    IF you really want something better buy something with 3g (or HSDPA to be more precise), one such phone is samsung shark s5350. Its somewhat feature-rich with 3.2 MP camera and 3g HSDPA 3.6 mbps. You can search for other using filter option of gsmarena :)
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