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    Which way to go AMD or Intel for Gaming less than 25K

    Thanks Cilus. I had to restrict my budget even further down to 20K MAX. PSU - Crosair CX 430V2 - 2.8K GPU - GTX650 - 7.9K SO it leaves me with 10K for RAM, CPU and MoBo, any suggestions please... I was thinking of FX 4100, ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3, 4GB DDR3-1333 Thanks Ram
  2. ramharis

    Which way to go AMD or Intel for Gaming less than 25K

    Hi guys Iam upgrading my old HP Pavilion t630i machine and iam not sure which of the below configuration to go My Budget - 25 to 28k (max, not a penny more. Total budget 30K, need 2K for Windows 8 Pro upgrade purchase) Chassis, HDD and Monitor using the old one. Config 1: Intel i5 3570 Intel...
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    the autoplay isue

    hi i have got a problem while opening the drives. when i double click it, it does a autoplay it does not open. but when i right click iam able to open. i noticed 2 files one named as autorun.inf and setup.exe in each drive. tried to delete it ,got deleted but came back, has any one faced...
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    group policy

    hi does anybody have a pdf or word doc or an ebook on the group policy so that i could learn what they do and how to configure it
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    CD/DVD, burner

    try sonic record now thats a preety good one and you can try the default xp burner (if you have XP)
  6. ramharis

    dual boot win XP and Vista

    GDay guys i had win XP in C: and D:(dual pro) Recently i installed windows Vista in c: after that iam not able to go into the D: (win XP pro) it is not giving me the option of win Xp or vista can somebody tell me how to configure the dual boot (the options and the 30 second time to select)...
  7. ramharis

    a RAM question

    i have got this HP pavilion T630i system P4 2.8 2x256 ddr ram Motherboard ASUS P4SD-LA can any body tell me if there is dual channel option in it or give me some link how to enable dual channel (if its there for my motherboard)
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    Download manager wanted

    try using the internet download acclerator its good for my internet connection speed is upto (bsnl)2mbps so the download is somewhere around 150kbps it works good on my internet connection
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    Please help

    the question would be what did u download it you are going to download any thing as a torrent try the bittorrent or the utorrent they are good for torrent download and try to uninstall the torrent software in the safe mode and run virus scan in the normal mode if problems still persists...
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    Windows XP on usb drive

    i tried it yesterday but iam still not able to install windows XP on the drive the installation does not recogonize the drive as a valid one it does appear in the place where all the drives are detected but when i choose the hdd it does not install i guess that step does not work any other...
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    New 200GB Segate SATA HDD making noise......

    check if the noise comes from the HDD or from any of the fans and try using a stabilizer for the power supply it might be due to the ups and downs in the power sypply
  12. ramharis

    Unable to install windows XP

    try diagonostics tool provided by seagate http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287 it has the tools there try using one of those it works
  13. ramharis

    Monitor screen shakes at random

    try placing your mobile away from the monitor some times you wont recieve any call or sms but the phone tries to contact the network provider so the monitor flickers rarely try doing all the previous reply if u still get the same problem try this step
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    dvd writer the best

    thanks a lot for the info guys
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    try Zebronics , frontech, mercury they are not too good but its ok Ram
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