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    Need help with few settings of Huawei EG8141A5 ONT modem

    I've disabled 5Ghz on my router as well. Yeah Huwaei support site needs registration from what I saw yesterday.
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    Need help with few settings of Huawei EG8141A5 ONT modem

    I'm not familiar with a Huawei router. However, configurations are similar. 1. I've not come across a user mode. It sounds like a limited user with less privileges. Do use Admin account for all cases as I don't see the need for the other. Also its a good idea to take a backup of the router...
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    WiFi or Ethernet

    Simply Put, Wired connection is better than Wireless. Why? Because Wireless router operate commonly on 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz. These wireless bands may be interfered with other Devices operating in the same frequency or some Electrical appliances. Wired connection doesn't have all these interference. I...
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    Ethernet slower than wifi (SOLVED)

    That's strange. You may want to run AVG Removal tool regardless. Most AV out there have Removal tool to wipe out any remnants of their install. You can read more about it in the link below...
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    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    So here's what I thought. As my screen works perfectly, it's just the LCD that might be cracked. Wondering ifi could do a DIY to fix it. I managed to find a website to get just the LCD glass. But replacing it myself with no knowledge would be risky. So please anyone with some experience...
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    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Thanks Jodo & Nev... My company doesn't allow phones inside. So gotta leave it out. I'm considering to get the tempered glass when its available in black from official one plus. Currently out of stock. First need to get the screen right. Will.check the full amount as Jodo advised. Thanks...
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    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Thanks, Yeah but considering that it is just 2months old, I'm not happy. But then again I can't live with the screen.
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    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Hi everyone, I broke my 2months old one plus 3's screen recently. Worst part is that I'd no knowledge of claiming the insurance which we have to activate manually within 30days of purchase. Now I'm stuck with a broken screen with my only option to repair it under a cost of 8K. I guess...
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    Looking for Nokia 808 Pure View

    theserpent Yes I've cheked on OLX but the prices are high for a used one. I'll pay that amount for a new one. Last time I checked it was available for 15k on flipkart before it was sold out. srkmish You're right I wanna get it for its camera. The camera is still awesome. Wondering if I can...
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    Looking for Nokia 808 Pure View

    Hi everyone, is it possible to get the Nokia 808 pure view? New or Used. I'm in Chennai. I would like to know the price and availability. Thanks
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    Sharing of a bit of Joy with TDF Friends...

    Congrats man:-). Even I've won a Nokia N8 and HTC One X in the past. So I can sense the excitement you may be experiencing...;-) Have fun with your gadget.:-D
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    best phone around 15k? (windows or Android)

    I bought a lumia 610 and sold it for 2k less back to the same shop in order to get an android. True Story.
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    CPU overheating

    Well this happened to me once and I realized it was my cabinet fan that would stop spinning after a while. Replaced it, problem fixed :p
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    Which is better samsung s3 or htc one x

    From my personal experience, HTC built is quite better than S3.
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    Phone with quick GPS lock

    Hmm how about Sony's Live With Walkman? No issues so far.
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