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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Feeling a little assured about the laptop now.. :) I was considering HP coz it was a better value for money then a better gamer.. I usually just play NFS titles and even that occasionally.. So GT540 is good enough... But the XPS costs 58k for the same config sans the awesome graphics.. Any...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Apologies for the long post... :| Questions How good is the touchpad of this laptop? Is there a 9-cell battery available for this laptop? Does the Windows 7 Key work with the retail version DVD? The Big Question: HP or not to HP? I love the specs of this laptop, it is precisely what I was...
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    Need a graphics card b/w 9k-15k

    Check back in december if you can wait.. And fermi is likely to be launched at a pretty high price!! BTW I'd say get GTX275 if you want to buy now!
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    Suggest Me a Multimedia + Gaming Rig

    The Athlon II quad would be better for photoshop and all but Phenom II 550 would be better for gaming so decide your priorities.. +1 to comp@addict's rig!
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    Need a PSU?

    Corsair TX 650
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    Suggest a CPU Cooler?

    Obviously OCing!!
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    Windows 7 Compatibility

    You will be able to run Windows 7 without the fancy graphics!! An upgrade to 2 GB is recommended but not necessary!! (I am using 741MB at the moment with all the win7 graphics on, avast antivirus and firefox-6 tabs) Graphics are more than enough if you don't intend to game!! (I am running on...
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    BSNL broadband bottleneck

    Did you open the port, kiddo??
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    display blinking

    How is the display powered? Does the power light blink too? Did you check the VGA cable?
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    Need an External dvd-writer

    You can try the shops at the end of East Street near Burger King
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    Problem with PSU.....

    IMO No use getting it repaired.. buy a coolermaster extreme power 350 W since you are willing to spend 2000 bucks..
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    Amd phenom II X3 720 & GA-MA790GP-DS4H. Questions

    I think GA-MA790GP-UD4H is the better one.. Anyways.. Does anybody have the solution for the BIOS issue? Any idea how the MSIs fare in overclocking? And I think Rohan is looking for DDR3 (M4A78T-E).
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    New PC

    How much would DDR3 cost me? Which one should I purchase (Corsair/OCZ/Kingston/GSkill) ? My budget is around 38-40k. Need some advice on the mobo, RAM and cooler... Thanks...
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    New PC

    Phenom II x3 720 BE ASUS M4A78-E/M4A78T-E Corsair DDR2 1066Mhz/ DDR3 1600Mhz CM Hyper N520 CM 690 Corsair VX450 WD 500GB Green Now should I go for the DDR2 system or DDR3? If DDR2 then please suggest alternatives for the mobo (good overclockers). Are there any changes that you would like to...
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    Hey where do you buy graphics cards from in Pune?

    Hey where do you buy graphics cards from in Pune?
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