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    Connecting TV to Soundbar

    I recently purchased Sony HT RT3 Soundbar. I have Sony Bravia KLV-40EX430 TV which doesn't seem to have any optical audio output or HDMI ARC Audio support. How to connect the soundbar to my TV in such a case? Also what all cables or adapters should I buy?
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    How does one gets around the limits of fixed flash storage in macbooks? Any idea?
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    HD Not working

    And how to do that? I used WD LifeGuard Diagnostics Tool today and it failed all the tests.
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    HD Not working

    I switched its data and power cables with the ones that my existing HDD were using and the issue still persists.
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    HD Not working

    It gets detected properly in the BIOS.
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    HD Not working

    I recently purchased Western Digital WD10EARX 1TB Hard Drive. My Mobo is pretty old (Intel DG31PR) but after making sure that a SATA 3 Drive would work on it, I made the purchase. Now according to the instructions mentioned on WD's site I used a jumper pin to slow down its speed as well. The...
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    [Feedback] ThinkDigit.com Web site

    Just received some 20+ mails because of email notifications of new linkbacks on all the threads/posts I am subscribed to. Please disable email notifications for Linkbacks as its a more of an annoyance rather than being useful for all those who are subscribed to the thread.
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    Paypal Stopped Electronic Fund Withdrawal in India AGAIN!

    Bank Transfers have been resumed again. :)
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    Bloggers' Corner

    Top 5 Reasons not to use Fantastico for Installing Wordpress ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Wordpress 2.9 – Features, Tips and Screenshots
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    Free ATM era ends on Tuesday

    Well my own bank's ATM is only a small distance away and Canara's ATM is even nearer but after a small blunder (1 failed transaction with successful debit), I have started visiting my own bank's ATM (always empty and working :D )
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    Nokia 2700 CLassic Bluetooth Query

    I own a Nokia 2700 classic phone. Now all files received via bluetooth lands up in Phone memory which keeps getting filled and I have to manually transfer the files to memory card everytime. Any option by which I can receive files directly on memory card?
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    Count till 40 before a mod/admin busts you.

    Porty! And the count completes here! :D
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    Count till 40 before a mod/admin busts you.

    Thirsty pet!
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    Count till 40 before a mod/admin busts you.

    Jhatti Sixz!
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    Need help installing Wordpress on Windows host.

    Does your Windows hosting have the necessary PHP and MYSQL setup?
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