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  • Till now it is working fine. In fact in my house we have two 2 TB, one is inside my system and other is used as external through casing.
    Actually 2 TB is still a little unusual buy and most of the shops don't keep it, only at purchase time they bring it from their storage. I had to wait half an hour in Vedant to get one.
    One request, can you let me know the price of Kingston 2 GB and 4 GB DDR3 module price in Kolkata and if possible the other brands too. Heard that 1333 MHz kingston is just 1.2K
    can you tell where shall i buy my intel processor from??i have shortlisted vedanta and saboo computers...if u know any other shop.please help me out..
    Well I visit Chandni frequently and I have a good idea in which shops prices are on little lower side. Vedant Computers, Ezone, Eastern Logicia are few of them. Also Starcomp Infotech is good for monitors, mainly BenQ. I got the prices from Vedant.
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